Wire Storage Shelf

Investing in a wire storage shelf is a cheap way to generate more space in your home. It also has the benefit of being lightweight so you can move it around easily, but this simple frame does have the problem of being unstable, especially if you are using it to store many heavy items. You can make it more stable by either screwing it to the wall or by making sure that your heavier items are on the bottoms shelves.

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Choosing the Right Location

Most of the designs are free standing and can be made to varying heights. This gives you great flexibility about where you put them and to what use you decide to put them.

Many people find that having a wire storage shelf in their pantry makes organizing leftover cans, boxes and bottles very easy. It is also possible to turn the shelving unit upside down to create shelves with lips so that things do not fall off.

Another common use for a wire storage shelf is inside a clothes closet as an alternative to a bureau or chest of drawers. In small rooms, space is at a premium and you will be able to store more clothes if you fold and set them on a wire shelf rather than hanging them up.

If that idea does not appeal to you, you could always make a smaller storage shelf that would fit underneath your hanging clothes. It could make for a good shoe rack or for non-hanging items like t-shirts or underwear.


It is tempting to put your wire storage shelf in a dark space, stack it high with food or clothes and forget about it. For the most part, this is a safe course of action, but in time, you will find that the wire starts to rust if left unclean. However, cleaning a wire rack is one of the most arduous cleaning tasks that exist.

To help you to do this, you need to think ahead when you are buying your shelf. Your best bet is to buy one that can be broken down into smaller sections, usually into poles and shelves. This will mean that you can wash them in the sink one by one, allowing you to fully clean in between each wire and dry them fully. If you have bought one that does not unscrew, choose a sunny day, wash it outside with a sponge and soapy water and let it air dry.

Wall Mounted Shelves

If your house isn’t big enough for a free standing wire shelf or you feel that you need to generate more storage out in the open, you could look at wall mounted wire storage shelves. These come individually packaged and either screw or hook onto the wall. You can then space them out as far or as close as you like to meet the needs of your room.

The fact that they are made out of wire means that you can see through it, you have much better access and you are less likely to lose small objects. Wall mounted shelves have the major drawback that once you have put them up, it is going to be tough to take it down again.

If you have a little extra money to spend on your wire storage shelf, you should look at investing in ones made out of chrome. It is a much more durable material than the aluminum that is commonly used to make wire shelves meaning you can store heavier items on it. It is also much less prone to rusting than normal wire shelves.

If you are not keen on the price of shelves made from pure chrome, a good compromise is to buy an aluminum shelf that is either chrome coated or spray it yourself. You can also avoid the problem of rusting, by selecting a wire shelving unit where the wire is covered by plastic or vinyl.

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