Water Storage Containers

Regardless of your purpose, having a variety of water storage containers around your home will always be a sound investment. You might choose to have them as you can potentially save money on your water bills, especially if you have access to clean running water.

Some people like to have them in case of an emergency so they do not have to worry about keeping their family hydrated, while other people keep them as they can then purify the water themselves as needed.

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Size Matters


You will also need to think carefully about the size as well as thinking about the purpose of your water storage containers. Just about anything can be used for water storage but if you are serious, you are going to look for containers that hold more than a couple of gallons of water.

The smallest viable options for long term water storage look like plastic food-grade barrels which will hold 55 gallons and usually come with some form of bungs at the top to give you anytime access.

The largest water storage containers look like oil tankers and will need professional installation in your yard. They will easily hold over 1,000 gallons and can be hooked up to your main water supply. This whole process can be costly so it is only a good investment if you can supply the water yourself.

Solar Containers

Many of the water storage containers on the market are made of hard PVC plastic to keep them watertight and weather proof. The colors tend to come straight out of the industrial range of blue, green and white. However, while some of the more expensive models will claim to keep your water sterile for weeks on end, choosing one that is made out of clear plastic is a good way of sterilizing your water. The sun’s UV rays naturally kill off bacteria in water given enough time, and some companies specialize in clear plastic containers to harness this power.

On the other hand, many people prefer the blue, green or black food-grade plastic for their water barrels. Over time they have found that the white or clear plastic becomes brittle under the sun. Additionally, algae tends to form in the clear and white barrels, where it doesn’t do so in the darker barrels.


One of the drawbacks of having a permanent water storage container on your property is that it can take up a lot of room and ruin the look of a well-maintained yard. It is possible to paint the container so that it blends in with the surroundings, but this generally costs more than the stock colors. A better idea is to find one that has a more compatible shape. For example, you can get giant water bladders that look like big swollen blankets. These are great fun for the kids in the summer and the plastic is tough enough to survive being walked over.

You can also install your water barrels behind a hedge, or even a lattice or fence, then plant vining flowers and train them to grow up, thus creating a visual barrier.


The final thing to consider when you are checking out your water storage options is how you will actually get the water from the container into your home. The fitting you choose will be dependent on the purpose of the tank.

If the purpose is to help with gardening, then you will need something that will attach to your garden hose. If it is an emergency supply, you will want a direct tap to fill up buckets and bottles.

If you want it for long-term water provision, you will need to have it hooked up to your main water pipe. Of course, it is possible to have a combination put in so that your container can be multi-purpose.

When you are shopping for water storage containers, beware of ordering something from the Internet unless you are absolutely clear about what you are buying. Most sites will give their specifications in gallons and it can be hard to judge just how big a container will be that holds 55 gallons for example. The other drawback of buying online is that they tend not to offer help with installation, which may be key for bigger projects.

However, what you can purchase online are the filtering pumps, solar pumps, fittings and other accessories for your water storage system.

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