Walk In Closet Organizers

Walk in closet organizers are a must to keep your closets neat and allow you to find anything you need. Organizers also help keep your belongings stored the way they should be. When you go to a store, you want to be able to see everything at a glance and find the things that you seeking; you need to use a similar principle to organize your walk in closet.

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Kinds of Organizers for Walk in Closets


Many types of closet organizers are available. You can get organizers that hang from the wall and others that are freestanding. Organizing may involve shelves, rods and racks or bins, baskets and boxes. Drawers of different sizes serve as catchall places for various items, big and small. All these organizers help make the most of your existing storage space, whether small or big.

You will find organizers in a variety of materials:

  • Plastic
  • Laminated particle board
  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Wire
  • Cane or bamboo
  • Cardboard
  • Canvas

What Goes Where

There is no point in going out and buying organizers for walk in closet until you figure out what you need. For that, you must go through all the clothes and other items that you plan to store in the closet, get some idea of the numbers of items and then design your closet space accordingly. To help with this, you may want to use online resources to design your closet space.


Many clothes need to be stored on hangers. You should buy good quality hangers, with or without padding, which can bear the weight of the clothes, as thin wire hangers bend out of shape very easily. Use wire or plastic hangers for lightweight items only: for instance, if you have many scarves, you can hang a few on each hanger. You will want to protect special and expensive clothes, so you should get covers that go over the hangers for these.


Big drawers are convenient for storing clothes that can be folded, including sweaters, pullovers, and sportswear. Smaller drawers are handy for innerwear, including socks and stockings. For jewelry and accessories, you can use either small drawers or specially designed jewelry holders. Drawer dividers can make compartments to keep jewelry, socks, belts and other miscellaneous stuff.

Bins, boxes, and baskets can be used to store larger items that you don’t need on a daily basis, and you can also use them to put away out-of-season clothes. Shoe racks or shelves to keep shoes are an important component of organizers for walk in closet. If you have many handbags, you should dedicate a big drawer to them, reserve some hanging space for your bags or keep them on shelves. You should always cover delicate evening beaded or bejeweled bags and keep them in drawers.


Place for Walk In Closets

Usually the master bedroom has the largest attached space for a walk in closet. If you don’t have the space that you need there, you can make a walk in closet from a corner or a small attached room. If you have too much stuff and not enough space, it’s time get rid of things you do not wear and will never use.

When organizing storage solutions, remember that you must use all the available space, from floor to ceiling. As the higher places will be difficult to reach, you should put in shelves or wire racks there and use that space for storage bins and boxes holding things that you don’t need regularly.

To keep your walk in closet organizers in good order, you need to straighten and sort them, if not monthly, then at least seasonally. They help in making daily life easier because, once you have organized them properly, you don’t have to search for clothes or accessories.

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