Toy Storage Containers

If you have kids, you need toy storage containers. Sure, you can use cardboard boxes but what you really need is something that is stackable, lightweight, and see- through. It wouldn’t hurt to have them looking attractive to children as well so that they even become part of the furniture in the kid’s rooms. You cannot get that from just any old box.

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Kid Friendly

When it comes to selling storage containers for kids, Walmart does a great job. Kids are more likely to put their toys away, if they have a fun, cool looking place in which to store them, such as:

  • Sort-n-Store is a large red and blue chest with an easy to open lid and two drawers tucked at the bottom of the chest. This chest has 6 cubic feet of storage capacity and a removable lid for safety. The box is made from lightweight yet durable plastic and comes in four other color combinations along with a pink and white one your little girl will love.
  • SpongeBob is a new multi-bin toy organizer. These colorfully decorated toy storage containers come with three small drawers, two medium ones and one large one at the bottom. The three-tier organizer meets all JPMA safety standards.
  • Step 2 Speedway Storage Chest and Toy Box is a racing inspired toy box making clean up time fun. The Speedway has 6 cubic feet of storage space, a large display top shelf and a lid that can be easily opened and closed by a young child. The Speedway comes with real racing decals that you put on yourself to give the container a customized look. This comes in a blue, yellow, and red color combination that looks great in any child’s room.

Best Toy Boxes

When it comes to toy storage containers, you have the choice of as many types of containers as kids to enjoy them. Here are some top selling children’s toy boxes:

  • Honey-Can-Do is an all-natural wood frame shelf that holds 12 containers of various sizes and colors to store most anything a child could want. Each bin measures 5 inches high and is easily removed from the shelves making clean- up of your child’s room that much easier. Honey-Can-Do toy storage containers also come in white and other pastel colors and the bins come in red, blue, green and yellow. The Honey-Can-Do only stands at 36 inches high so it’s easy for young children to use.
  • Trunki Terrence and Trunki Trixie, created by the dynamic duo of Melissa and Doug, are lightweight durable suitcases specially made for children to store their toys and ride them at home or at the airport when traveling. Each suitcase has a 250 pound weight limit. Kids love to straddle their Terrence and Trixie cases and scoot along the floors at home. Trunki also comes in jade green and red and are perfect for children ages three and up.
  • Toy Box- Daniela is the perfect toy box for the princess in your family. Created by CoCaLo, Toy Box Daniela is an all wooden chocolate and pink striped toy box with that measures 28” x 17.5” with a royal crown printed on the front. This is the perfect fun yet sophisticated toy box for your little girl or girls.

Pick up your Toys

If you’re a parent you know what a battle it can be to get your kids to pick up after themselves. Any advantage or help you can get is worth trying. If you can offer your child a brightly colored fun way to store his toys, then half the battle is over. Toy storage containers that appeal to children and that are safe and practical also appeal to parents. The top storage containers for kids do both.

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