Storage Containers

You can use storage containers of various sizes in many places in the house to store different kinds of articles. They are an indispensable part of a house for reducing clutter.

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Types of Containers

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Containers for storage may be open, closed, airtight or vacuum-sealed, depending on their purpose. Containers can be any kind of:

  • Bin
  • Basket
  • Box
  • Jar
  • Bottle

All these are popular and widely available, although you can put some containers to best use for a specific purpose, for instance, a special container used in the kitchen might not double for use in the bathroom, where you can use a basket or bin.

Different Kinds Of Containers for Storage

You can get all kinds of containers for storage ranging from very small to big sizes, depending on the available space and your use for the containers. Available in various materials, the choices include:

  • Cardboard containers
  • Plastic containers
  • Mesh containers
  • Metal containers
  • Cane/bamboo containers
  • Fabric containers
  • Canvas containers
  • Wire containers
  • Glass containers
  • Ceramic containers
  • Wood containers

Containers of large sizes are also used when moving to and from a house, transporting goods from factories to warehouses to retailers and shipping consignments. Such containers protect the goods from damage during transport.

Uses Of Containers for Storage

All areas of your home benefit from the use of containers, such as:

  • Kitchen – Use airtight containers to keep dry foods crisp and crunchy. Some foods can use vacuum sealing; others will need some air to stay fresh longer. All kinds of food items can be stored in containers, which, if plastic, should be food grade plastic.
  • Some food items are best placed in glass, as this is odor free and can be sterilized if required. Otherwise, plastic is ubiquitous in the kitchen since it is durable and is microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe. Clear containers make finding things easier. Use dustbins made of plastic or metal, both of which are heavy duty.
  • Bathroom – Again plastic is the best choice since the bathroom has high humidity levels. Laundry basket or boxes in different colors to match your bathroom décor will act as storage as well. In a large bathroom, wicker baskets of different sizes find use for storing various items.
  • Bedroom – Unleash your creativity here and use color-coordinated containers, which look good to store and organize clothes, shoes, accessories, jewelry, bags, books and more. In the children’s bedroom, too, clear clutter and organize it by putting it into containers.
  • Living Room – All kinds of storage items can be used, though for the living room, plastic is best avoided. Cardboard, fabric covered boxes, wooden chests or decorative boxes and even metal boxes lend a classy touch to storage solutions in the living room. Large boxes or wooden chests can even double up as sitting space and store many items.
  • Use small containers to neatly store wires and plugs, which you need for various gadgets and devices. DVDs, CDs and other media can find a home in small containers, reducing clutter in the living room and make it easier to find them.
  • Garage – Whether on shelves or overhead storage, the garage offers numerous storage solutions. Organize extra items not needed on a daily basis in large boxes or bins, which can be put on shelves. Use smaller boxes to store tools and hardware items.
  • Garden or Yard – Containers are used to keep garden equipment in one place, protected from the weather and easy to find. Storage benches or boxes, which offer seating, do double duty for storage.

When you use containers for storage, keep in mind that you do not want clutter to be visible, so use boxed containers that are opaque to keep such items. Where visibility is important, as in the kitchen or for stationery items, use clear and transparent storage containers.

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