Sterilite Storage Containers

By choosing to buy solely Sterilite storage containers, you give yourself an incredible amount of versatility as well as aesthetically coordinating all of your organizational efforts. All of the Sterilite products have the same look and feel about them, which will lend a good sense of continuity to your home. You will also find that while some products have specific uses, you can move and use most of them from room to room.

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Modular Storage

The modular storage cubes are one of the key product lines of Sterilite. These are very simple units made from clear plastic and you buy one cube at a time. The cube is a skeletal structure that comes with a drawer but the neat part is where you can extend the height of the cube and also connect it to other cubes. This means that you could build a whole wall of clear plastic drawers of differing sizes or just have one or two stacked on a bit of empty workspace.

Movable Storage

Another key feature of Sterilite storage containers is that most of the larger products come with wheels attached to the bottom. You will be surprised at how easy it is to pack a cabinet or set of drawers with so much stuff that it becomes almost impossible to move without emptying it entirely. Wheels on the bottom make it easy to rearrange your room at any time or to have a flexible layout where the cabinet stays by the window overnight and then by the door during the day.

Storage Systems

Beyond the modular cube system, Sterilite also offers a series of shelving and cabinet units that make up part of a wider storage system. Designed to be of the same height and depth, they do not look out of place next to each other. The cabinets are also made to have the same depth as the clear plastic modular cubes so you could either have a four door tall cabinet or a two door small cabinet with some cubes stacked on top for easy access. The cabinets are great for garage storage as they have a lip at the bottom to stop paint spills and have holes in the door handles to allow for a reasonably sized padlock.

Food Storage

One of the other big product lines of Sterilite storage containers is kitchen storage. While they offer a good range of sturdy plastic drawer and sink organizers, their Ultra Seal food storage technology definitely is worth considering.

Guaranteed for 10 years, reviewers say that the product lasts that long or longer if you follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. It comes in three different sizes, each with a different colored seal so that you can match the lid to the base easily. Designed to stack together, the containers are ideal for storing leftovers in the freezer.

Sterilite storage containers also offer a range of specialty food storage items such as a circular sealable cake tin. This also comes with Ultra Seal technology meaning that not only will your cake last longer but you can also transport it without fear of the lid flying away.

In terms of buying Sterilite storage containers, you have a variety of choices. If you prefer to shop in person, then you can find them at most home improvement stores and supermarkets. If you do most of your shopping online, you can find them at, and among others. The prices do not vary greatly, although you may have to pay for shipping if you buy online, but either way, you are assured of great products that will not break the bank.

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