Stackable Storage Containers

Using stackable storage containers is the first step to de-cluttering your life, and less clutter means less stress. Less stress means a healthier and happier you.

Take a look around you. Are you tired of all the clutter? If you’re like most people, you’ve got too much stuff and don’t know what to do with it all.

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Renting a larger storage shed may not be the answer here, and storage rental can be pretty expensive. So, it’s time to organize your life and get rid of that excess clutter instead of cluttering up another storage box.

Why Stackable?

If you’re like most who are re-organizing their life, space is an issue. The answer lies in stackable containers. Stacking boxes on top of each other isn’t the same as stacking containers that are made to put on top of one another. The lids of these containers match up with the bottoms so they truly mesh together.

It’s not the same as stacking boxes on top of one another. What happens when you stack too many boxes on top of one another? The bottom ones usually get crushed or the whole stack one day just falls over. Stackable storage containers are made to stack.

Light but Strong

When packing and storing the things you don’t need, but don’t want to part with yet, it’s important to use boxes that won’t get crushed under the weight of those on top. Cardboard boxes can look sturdy enough but don’t always stand up to long-term storage. Many companies like AkroBins and EarthSaver use 100 percent recycled plastic in their bins so they are not only strong but eco-friendly.

A Wide Selection

The problem of clutter is not an uncommon occurrence. The longer you stay in one place the more likely you are to have clutter. The right storage bins can help you de-clutter and organize your life.

When choosing from different stackable containers be sure to pay attention to stacking restrictions. Some recommend you stack no more than 3-5 containers at a time.

Here are some of the most popular stackable storage containers to choose from.

  • The Container Store: Their stackable storage containers are made from clear nearly indestructible acid free polypropylene and come in 4.75 and 10.5 gallon sizes.
  • Orbis StakPak Modular Straight Wall Containers: Made from high density polyethylene for long lasting durability, and reinforced with external ribbing and available in smooth or reinforced bottom. They come in three colors and multiple sizes for your heavy duty storage needs. Orbis StakPak comes in 20 different varieties.
  • Euro-Fix Industrial Stackable Containers: Made from high density polypropylene and resistant to acid and most oils, they come in solid or mesh styles and have built in handles for easy lifting. Euro-Fix containers are built for rugged stacking needs and you can stack them very high if needed. Available in various sizes, you can purchase just a few or get a significant discount for purchasing in volume.
  • ORBIS 100% Recyclable FliPak Totes: Here are Orbis’ option for those of you looking for a great stackable storage product that is environmentally conscious. Each container is made from 100 percent-recycled Polyolefin, and while some recycled containers use metal parts in the hinges, but Orbis doesn’t, making the whole container recyclable.

Clutter Equals Stress

The longer you live in your home, the more likely you will have picked up a few things over the years that are just getting in the way. Clutter is frustrating because you can never just find what you’re looking for without digging through boxes of things you don’t want.

De-clutter your life by making use of stackable storage containers. You can find stackable containers in just about every color, size, and shape. Storage containers are great for the garage or inside the home.

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