Scrapbook Paper Storage

You will be faced with almost unlimited scrapbook paper storage options when you make the decision to get your craft space organized. It all comes down to how much paper you have, the types of paper you are keeping and how big the pieces are. You will also have to make decisions about how you want to group your paper supply.

Some people like to organize by color, others by size and some others by how often they use that kind of paper. It is all down to your own personal choices, so it is important to know your options in each area.

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Storing By Size

If you want to try finding a scrapbook paper storage unit that allows you to sort your paper by size, you will need a pyramid shaped system. This allows you to store paper up to banner or full poster size without worrying about it curling or ripping. Advantus makes the best models and some sit on wheels so you can move it around depending on your project needs. The main downside is that they are quite big and bulky, often measuring over three feet in all directions.

Storing By Color

For many people, being able to see all of their different colors and paper types easily is a key factor of the scrapbook paper storage system they choose. Nothing is more frustrating than spending hours sorting through a random selection of paper before finding the one that you want. Your best options for good storage systems are:

  • Accordion files – Accordion files look like regular boxes until you open them up to find dozens of separate files for your different paper. The Container Store offers a wide range of clear plastic accordion files, so you can see the colors within it. Buying multiple sets means, you could have separate files for regular colors, pastels and tones.
  • Binders – While you may not instantly see the range of colors, binders make your paper easy to store on a shelf. You can always label the binder with the contents to make your searching easier. PSB makes great oversize binders so you do not have to cram sheets in it, and they zip up all the way round to protect your paper when you do not need it.
  • Hanging files – if you have access to a filing cabinet, then you can achieve the same effect as the accordion scrapbook paper storage system through hanging files. The beauty of this system is that it leaves your crafting space uncluttered and you can get a good overview of what you have available. Look at sets available from Cropper Hopper as they are designed to fit most filing cabinets.

Storing By Usage

If you prefer to have your scrapbook paper stored by how often you use it, you will want a slightly different system. It needs to be something that can sit on your desk and be easy to access at all times. The most ingenious design for this purpose comes from Simply Renee called a Clip It Up.

Clip It Up starts with a simple base unit that looks like a kitchen roll holder to which you attach as many clips as you want. You can then clip in pieces of paper, leftovers and items for your scrapbook for easy access. It also will make for a beautiful centerpiece for your workspace.

Above all, your scrapbook paper storage system needs to fit within the confines of your craft space. Do not invest in accordion files or a Clip It Up if you end losing workspace. You can also over organize where you have so many places for things that you forget where you have put something, so remember to keep it simple.

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