Rubber Stamp Storage

People who use stamps for crafts tend to collect them, which make rubber stamp storage an issue for those with limited organization space. Rubber stamps need to be stored in the correct manner in order to get the most use out of them. Storing them properly means they should be safe from dust, dirt and humidity.

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Organizing Rubber Stamps

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Before you store rubber stamps, you need to sort them out. You can categorize them and sort them out by themes and by sizes. If the stamps are not organized, you will not be able to zero in on the ones you want when you desire to use them.

Once you have sorted them out, you will also be able to see how much storage you will need. Check online and in shops and see what storage solutions are available that with fit with you needs and the available space.

Storing Rubber Stamps

Don’t store rubber stamps haphazardly. They must be placed die side down so that die does not get dented or chipped. Make sure that the die rests on a flat surface. When you use clear and transparent storage solutions, your stamps will be easily visible and you will be able to take out what you need.

It is not a good idea to stack rubber stamps one on top of the other as friction can damage them. Differences sizes of stamps can also be a problem when placing them in stacks because the uneven weight distribution causes damage and denting, rendering the rubber stamps unusable.

Rubber Stamp Binders Storage

Clear binders are a great way to store rubber stamps in a single layer. You can attach the binders with rings. Binders are easily stored in drawers after labeling or you can put some together in easy to open folders. An Even better option is to get box files and place all the binders in them – it will be easy to flip through as well. You can also place rubber stamps in storage boards.

Rubber Stamp Drawers Storage

Once rubber stamps are placed in binders or plastic page protectors, you can also store them in drawers. Sets of narrow drawers are available in office supply stores. You can buy as many sets of drawers as you need and have the place for. Label each drawer according to the category of the rubber stamps and you are good to go.

These drawer sets can be kept on desks or shelves for easy access. If you can only get deeper drawer sets, you will be able to put more binders in them, but then you will have to spend some time going through the binders to find the stamps that you want.

Stamp Storage – Shelves or Filing Cabinets

You can have narrow shelves made or bought and stack the stored stamps. In this case, you may need some cardboard in between the layers for stiffness to protect the stamps from damage.

Filing cabinets of the old fashioned kind are another option for stamp storage. This is a good idea if you have lots of rubber stamps and you can put them on cling cushions so they are protected.

Other storage ideas include

  • CD cases
  • Video tape boxes
  • Jewelry boxes with sectioned and layered compartments
  • Storage boxes
  • Photo cases
  • Hanging file folders
  • Magazine holders
  • Shoe boxes

Mounted stamps can only be stored on racks. You can get holders and racks to hold numerous mounted stamps.

Rubber stamp storage methods vary with the number that you have, the space that is available to store them in and the kind of storage that you would like.

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