Remote Control Organizer

A remote control organizer can be worth its weight in gold, if you and your family are frequently looking for the hand controls that operate your appliances, In the world of today, remote controls can operate such things as fans, beds, window shades, windows themselves, and of course, televisions. Organization of the remote controls is not only for convenience, but not being able to find your remote control is one cause of stress that you can control and eliminate.

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Table Top Organizer or Caddy


The most common organizer is the box type that sits on an end table or coffee table. When choosing this type, you will have a choice of how many pockets or slots for the number of remote controls you need to store. You also will have a wide variety of styles, designs, some spin and others are stationary.

Wall Mounted Remote Control Organizer

As the name suggests, this type of organizer is mounted to the wall for storage of the remote control. The success of this product depends on how convenient it is to use the remote and to return the remote to the holder. A remote control for the window blinds ordinarily is used once or twice per day, and once the blinds are opened or closed, the remote is put away. For a television, where the remote is used many times in the course of a few hours, this type of organizer may not be as useful.

Sofa Saddle Remote Control Organizer

You tuck one end of this organizer under the couch cushion, drape it over the arm of the sofa and the pockets for the remotes hang on the other side. This type of product is great for people with impaired mobility as eyeglasses, pens or tissues fit into the pockets as well as the remotes.

Arm Rest TV Remote Control Organizer

Similar to the sofa saddle, this type of organizer fits easily over the arm of a chair or sofa. Some come with a table top for snacks and drinks while the side pockets hold your remote or remotes and perhaps other items such as your glasses. You can place TV remotes, game controllers, any type of TV or entertainment center paraphernalia into the six pockets of the organizer.

The Universal Remote

You can replace the numerous separate remotes for your television, for the DVD player, for the sound system and even for lighting, with a universal remote. The up side of the universal remote is the elimination of the clutter of four, five or even six controllers. The downside is that programming the remotes is sometimes challenging.

Technology continues to improve so that a computer programming degree is not always necessary to make the universal remote control work. Essentially, it is getting easier to set up these remotes, but for the most part reviews of the products do not say it is easy to do, but that it is possible to do with close attention to the directions. Some manufacturers of universal remotes insist on brick and mortar store purchase to assure customers if they have a problem with the device, personal assistance is available.

Once programed, you can replace multiple remote controls with one device, which eliminates the problems caused when someone changes the set up features on the television as they tried changing channels with the wrong remote as well as the overall clutter of multiple electronic devices. Most universal remotes range in cost from under $20 to $300 depending on ease of programming and functionality.


Prices for a remote control organizer range from about $12 at the low end to around $50 at the high end. Plastic versus wood, a two remote holder versus six and size all factor into the price. The peace of mind of being able to find and pick up the remote when you want it and the organization of the remotes in one area easily justifies the cost of whatever type of organizer suits your lifestyle.

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