Portable Storage Containers

Portable storage containers are the new way to move, and the most convenient way to do it. These portable containers give you the convenience of taking your time packing up your home and unpacking for the new home on your schedule and not some moving companies timetable.

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Downsizing and Moving

With the economy being what it is, many people are finding they need to move to a smaller home than the one they currently occupy. That often means storing some of the things they cannot fit in the new home. When it comes to selling one home and buying a new one, it can be hard to time things to where the new home is available when you must have your belongings out of the old one. When that happens, the need for portable storage containers arise.

Storage Units

If you have not found a place to call home, you will need some place safe to store your belongings in the interim. UNITS Moving and Portable Storage is just the place for you. Here are some great reasons to forget about that expensive and inconvenient truck rental and go with the portable storage containers option.

  • no charge for 2 monthly visits
  • no need to leave home
  • no worry size availability
  • no truck rental or driving
  • no damp concrete floors
  • no load/unload twice
  • no infested storage facilities
  • no truck deposits
  • no loading ramps
  • no rushing to load
  • no guessing on space
  • no worry security features
  • no gas & mileage charges

Door to Door

Here’s how Door to Door works. You call and they bring to your door one or more portable storage containers. No one cares about your things as much as you do and no one will do a better job packing than you will. Door to Door offers you that convenience. Once your container(s) arrives you pack at your own pace. When you are finished you call Door to Door and they pick up your things to either store for you or move to your new home. They offer you 24-hour security in breathable wood containers that protect against moisture and heat. When transported across country your containers will be protected inside a tractor trailer so they will not be exposed to the elements. Door to Door has been serving customers in 54 locations since 1996.

United Mayflower

When it comes to storing your belongings in portable containers no other company has been around longer than United Mayflower. They have been in operation for 150 years. It can be difficult to estimate how much space you will need or how many boxes you need to pack up your home. United Mayflower knows this and they are here to help educate you on the business of moving. On their website you can watch short videos on the following topics:

  • Loading a container
  • Packing your bedroom
  • Packing your dining room
  • Packing your family room
  • Packing your kitchen

They take the guesswork out of moving and storing. Many companies want you to give them a firm number on how many boxes you will have or how many square feet of storage you will need; not so with United Mayflower.

The New Way to Move

Long gone are the days when you had to rent some run down beat up moving truck and drive it not only to your new home, but back to the company where you rented the truck. That may not be so bad for a move across town, but if you’re moving across country that long ride back can be costly and time consuming. Today’s portable storage containers offer you the convenience of packing, storing, and moving all on your own timetable and for a lot less than you might imagine.

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