Pool Toy Storage

Pool toy storage becomes more important as winter draws near. You may have been able to store pool toys outside on the lawn or even in the pool itself during the summer months. As the weather turns cold, you will want to cover the pool and put the toys somewhere safe until better weather returns.

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Poolside Storage


Pool toys stored in a deck box is both convenient and safe. They come is different sizes, measured by the gallon. Deck boxes can range in size from just under 50 gallons to 130 gallons. Most deck boxes come in light or neutral colors to varying shades of wood and fit any budget, such as:

  • The Suncast Resin Wicker 22 gal. Storage Seat is both a seat and a deck box all in one. The box has a natural wicker look from the mocha colored woven style inlays. This sturdy box has a 22-gallon capacity and is made from heavy duty plastic and its unique stay-dry design will help keep your items protected. The dimensions of the box are 22.5”W x 17.5”D x 22.5”H and the Resin Wicker seat sells for about $55.
  • Royal Teak Storage Box is at the other end of the spectrum, for those who like a natural wood look and feel. The Royal Teak box holds about 100 gallons of storage or measures 53L x 21.5W x 25H inches. The Royal Teak box is large enough to store your pool toys as well as lawn and pool equipment. Teak is naturally resistant to moisture, rot and warping. The box comes with a plastic liner to further protect its contents and this high quality pool toy storage box retails for $618.

Toy Storage Bins

If you prefer something mobile, many lightweight storage bins are available. Some come with wheels to rolls them about wherever needed or you can simply pick them up and carry them from poolside to garage.

  • Pool Toy Storage Bins- These mesh bins are a great place to keep your swim goggles, beach balls, floats, life jackets, and other swim toys. The bins are made up of sturdy white PVC with blue nylon mesh so your belongings air dry quickly. The locking casters allow you to roll the bins into your garage or shed. These toy bins come in 2 sizes, 18”sq x 21” sq. or 24”sq x 38”sq. They assemble without tools.
  • Heavy Duty Triple Storage Bin- Coming from the Container Store, this rolling pool toy storage bin has three large mesh bags that allow your toys to easily dry in the sun and the mesh enables you to see what is inside. The steel frame with rolling casters makes this a very sturdy pool storage bin. Dimensions are 35-1/2" x 17-3/4" x 31-1/2" h and this heavy-duty bin retails for about $49.
  • Pool Pantry Storage- This is a tall strong PVC frame storage container that allows for storing pool toys, floats, chairs, life jackets, and much more. The product comes with durable cover with accessories pouches. The Pool Pantry stands at about 6 feet tall and retails for about $116.

The Choice is Yours

Large deck boxes are good for not only storing your pool toys, but your pool supplies as well. On the other hand, the lightweight PVC bins on casters are great for keeping your toys. You can store it in the garage or shed, and then roll it out to the pool when it is needed.

When it comes to pool toy storage the choice is yours, whether to use a more permanent poolside deck box or one of the many lightweight poolside storage bins. Both are great poolside options and many people use a combination of both methods.

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