Platform Beds with Storage

Platform beds with storage are a great way to store extra stuff, neatly and out of sight. Just think, there is a fair bit of space under a bed, which is either not used to underused. If you use storage beds, you get so much extra space.

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Platform Beds that comes with Storage are Stylish

Photo courtesy of Fern R

You will be surprised at the sleek and stylish platform beds that are available. Many models are made in such a way that nobody can even tell that they are used for storage. Many different kinds of storage beds that are available, such as:

  • full size drawers from either side of the bed
  • drawers that can be pulled out from the end
  • four large drawers
  • small drawers on one side and large drawers on the other
  • a deep headboard featuring in built shelves and storage drawers apart from those which are under the bed
  • small cupboards combined with drawers

In fact, you get almost any combination of drawers and many places will customize the storage somewhat for you.

Different Kinds of Storage Beds

Platform beds that comes with storage can be made of any kind of material. You can get beds of solid wood, or some made of MDF. Usually metal is not used for storage beds. Composite or plywood with veneer or laminate is also available.

You can get high platform bed, which offer a lot of storage or you can get low beds, which offer less storage, depending on your requirements and the room size. A small room with a high and big bed will look cramped. You can get platform beds for a few hundred dollars or a few thousand, keeping your budget in mind.

One solution I came up with years ago, was to build the platform out of milk crates which all lay on their sides and faced outwards. I then placed the box springs and mattress on top of a sheet of plywood laid on top of the milk crates to provide a bit more stability. The milk crates were perfect for storing extra shoes, purses and even books.

Mattresses for Platform Beds with a Storage

A traditional box spring mattress is not needed for storage beds. However, you can use spring mattresses if you want. For a low slung look, you can use futons which are very comfortable. You can choose from mattresses made of

  • Latex
  • Foam
  • Hypoallergenic mattresses
  • Memory foam
  • Posturepedic
  • Cotton

In fact, when you are using storage beds, you have a wider choice of mattresses that you can use.


Sizes and Uses of Platform Beds

Platform beds that comes with storage are available in all standard sizes, like king, queen, twin, full, California King and the like. Single beds with storage are also available, if you want separate beds for children sharing a room. Bunk beds with bottom storage are another option when you are short of space.

When you are looking for extra storage, you obviously have things you need to store in the space below your bed. People use the storage for all kinds of stuff. Just remember that you will be sleeping on top, so you should keep things you will be comfortable having under you. Among the things you can keep are

  • Sports clothes
  • Tees
  • Spare bed linen
  • Towels
  • Napkins
  • Toys and games
  • Sweaters
  • Quilts or blankets
  • Table covers
  • Gift items

You can use underbed storage much as you would other storage, except that if your drawers are deep, you don’t want to be pulling them out everyday. Deep drawers may also get overstuffed and become difficult to slide out. Obviously, you don’t want to keep dirty clothes or other stuff under your bed.

If you have a small house, a condo or a studio apartment, platform beds with storage offer a lot of otherwise unused space that you can use to store things and reduce clutter in your room. In fact, the storage space will be as much as that of a whole armoire, so you can definitely make use of it to keep your room organized.

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