Pantry Storage

For those who spend any amount of time in the kitchen preparing meals, pantry storage is important. Nobody wants to waste valuable time searching through their pantry looking for those all- important ingredients to the meal they are cooking. Nothing is worse than pulling out a can of something you need, only to find it out of date and beyond usage.

It is important to have a system in place to make sure you only stock items that you can use. You need to have some way to be sure that you are always pulling from the oldest stock and rotating your items so you don’t end up wasting valuable foods, spices, and other ingredients.

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Ready Made


The first thing to do when it comes to pantry storage is to make sure your pantry is fully functional. You can either do it yourself or have professionals design your space and install it for you, such as 3-Day Closets.

Among other things, the people at 3-Day Closets will expertly design and install your pantry storage area to suit your specific needs. Their goal is to solve your storage challenge while making you comfortable and confident throughout the design and installation processes.

Once you have approved your storage system design and 3-Day Closets contract, their installation manager will schedule your installation date. You will receive an email or written confirmation of the date, along with pre- installation instructions and they offer:

  • Talented designers help you shape and fulfill your dream of a more organized home.
  • Custom-manufactured products will complement your home’s décor.
  • Licensed installers who make sure your new storage system is correctly installed, complete and ready to organize and enhance your life.

Design your own Space

Like any other area in your home, often the size of space does not match the amount of storage needed. You should keep items separate such as soups from boxed cereals, spices from pastas, and so on. You might try placing the items on the shelves in alphabetical order, such as all appetizers at one end and finishing with vegetables at the opposite end.

Many different options are on the market, once you have decided on a method of organizing your pantry storage, such as:

  • Basket Drawers
  • Stackable Bins
  • Shelves and Racks

Basket Drawers

The “Slide-out” basket is a great space saver and can hold plenty of items. The bottoms of your baskets need to have a piece of cardboard or plywood to provide a level surface. Smaller shallower baskets are good for smaller containers like spices and condiments.

Stackable Bins

These are good for storing bulky items like potatoes or dry beans. Bins are a good way to utilize floor space. If you have enough space and the correct shape, you can use the floor area for recycling bins or even a miniature wine cellar.

Shelves and Racks

An innovative variation in pantry storage is the use of the corner for shelves. As in any closet space, the corner is not very useful. In this case, the shelving turns the corner into a productive, spacious place for many items.

Keeping your Foods Fresh

Generally, foods kept in pantries are not considered perishable, such as canned goods and grains like pasta, rice and oatmeal. Even these foods can go bad if not stored properly, which is why it is important to organize your pantry to keep your foods fresh.

You should pay attention to expiration dates and store them accordingly. Those with the earliest expiration dates should be in the front of your shelves so they are used first. For things like sugar and grains, using airtight containers is best, because airtight containers will keep critters out and keep things like flour from getting clumpy if exposed to moisture.

Labeling Items

Things do not always last as long as we think, for example sugar and other dry goods only last for about a year if stored properly and oils only last about 6 months. It is a good idea to label your goods with the date purchased so you can keep track of them.

The Right Storage

It is nearly impossible to keep track of your foods in the pantry if you do not have the right storage system. When it comes to pantry storage you can do it yourself or have professionals create a space and install it for you, but either way, you need to be organized enough to make sure your foods do not go bad. Keeping track of when you bought such foods by putting the date on labels is a good way to start.

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