Paint Storage Cabinet

Using a paint storage cabinet can be a great way to consolidate all of those half used paint cans and get them out of all the little hiding places around the house or garage. Having paint cans scattered around is a fire hazard as most paints are solvent-based meaning that they are liable to explode under high temperatures. Keeping them all in one secure place reduces this risk and you can lower it even further if you can buy a fireproof storage cabinet.

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Safety Cabinets

The most popular forms of storage cabinets for paint are free standing safety cabinets. They are made from galvanized steel meaning that they are incredibly hard to ignite so your spare paint is much more protected. Most safety cabinets also come with a minimum of two-inch lips at the bottom to make sure that no paint spills in the case of an accident.

The fact that they are free standing should not put you off as the total weight of your paint and the paint storage cabinet will make it very sturdy. Each unit comes with movable shelves so you can store all sizes of paint cans and not worry about it toppling over. However, it is still a good idea to put the bigger cans towards the bottom and those that you are most likely to use next year towards the middle for ease of access.

Door Choices

The biggest choice that you will need to make when you are looking for a paint storage cabinet is the kind of door. You’ll find three different options, each with its own pros and cons:

  • Side hinge – This is the simplest sort of door and while it is the easiest to install if you have to put the unit together yourself, it is not as secure as the other door types. You will need a padlock or chains to keep the paint storage cabinet secure from small hands and free from pinched fingers.
  • Self-closing – Self-closing doors have specially fitted hinges that automatically swing shut if you leave them open. They cost considerably more than the simple side hinge option but they are a lot safer as you don’t have to worry about whether you shut it or not. The doors also tend to be heavier to help the shutting action so you get an added layer of fire protection.
  • Roll top – The most secure options as well as the most expensive are the roll top doors, which pull down and shut at the bottom rather than in the middle. They are heavy which means that only an adult can open them and the roll action means that it will automatically shut if you pull it just a little. The only difficulty is that they are difficult to install correctly and are easy to get stuck if you do not install them right.


If you do not have the finances or space for a safety cabinet, it is possible to use a regular storage cabinet for your paints. However, you should still look out for galvanized metal shelves for security as well as strength. Plastic shelves have a tendency to buckle if your paint cans are still full, while wooden shelves represent a fire hazard. Metal shelves are also much easier to clean in the case of spillage, as you will be able to use alcohol rub to clear the mess without damaging the surface.

Cleaning your paint storage cabinet is something that you should think about doing every summer. This is in part because you are more likely to paint in the summer when it is warmer and paint dries quicker and in part because the alcohol in your cleaning products will dry out faster. Whatever time of year you choose to do it, you should do it annually to reduce the risk of rust.

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