Overhead Garage Storage

If your garage is not the biggest, investing in an overhead garage storage system could be a way to generate a lot of space. The main drawback of overhead storage is that you will need to have a way of bringing it down to a useful level or a ladder system to get you up to the right height. Once you have that worked out, you will be surprised at how much extra space you can create.

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Hanging Racks


The most popular overhead storage system is a system of fixed hanging racks, which drop down from the roof. They tend to be metal racks that attach to struts and are usually meshed to allow you to see exactly what you have up there. The only drawback is that the struts tend to come in a limited number of sizes, which will limit the amount of stuff you store. However, with a strong enough series of bolts, you’ll be surprised at how much weight they will hold, making them a good option for power tools or spare car parts.


A cheaper overhead garage storage system option is to install shelving units close to the roof. It is cheaper because instead of requiring struts that have to spread the weight over the ceiling, you can rely on the increased strength of the walls. You can also vary the height of the shelves, which gives you greater flexibility of storage.

However, unless you invest in very deep shelving units, you are unlikely to be able to store big and bulky items. You may also run into problems if you are trying to store very long objects such as skis as you will need a large amount of shelving which will drive up the cost.


If you are looking for an overhead garage storage system that gives you good access as well as holding longer items like skis, then a series of dangling hooks will work for you. The hooks will allow you to store smaller items such as tools or toys while giving you easy access to them. Hooks are also ideal if you have a families worth of bicycles as you can store them vertically instead of horizontally. For the system to work, however, you have to rely on straps or holes in your items to hang them.


As with any good overhead garage storage system, you will always struggle to store everything you need with just one method. By using a combination of the above, you can make efficient use of your overhead space. For example, by dangling hooks from the racks you get to use space both above and below the racks. You just need to be careful when you are thinking about the amount of weight that you are expecting your garage ceiling to hold.


Professional Installation

Unlike other home improvement projects, anything that involves screwing things into the ceiling is often the time to get professional help. Not only could you cause damage to the items you have stored if you do not do the job correctly, but you also risk causing permanent damage to the ceiling and roof of your garage.

You may need either someone who is connected to the business where you bought the storage units or a general handyman to help you with the job. They will have all the right tools and bolts for the job and it allows you to get on with the more important job of organizing.

Before you start buying overhead garage storage systems, you need to have an idea of what you are going to store up there. It is worth using this time to have a look at what is in your garage as you may find that you have been keeping things that you no longer use. This may help to reduce your costs, as you will need less storage space if you can get rid of some things.

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