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Outdoor storage containers might not be on your list of things to buy but it should be, especially if you have kids, a pool, entertain often or find any reason to be outside. Gardening, constructing, mechanical work, seasonal cushions and table covers are even more reasons as to why you need to consider investing in storage for your outdoor space. You can choose from a number of options, such as a shed or storage bench, metal or plastic, and from reputable companies like Rubbermaid, Tuff Shed and Suncast.

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For the Deck


Your deck is a place to entertain, barbecue, sun bathe or simply relax, which means it probably contains outdoor décor, seating pillows, a table umbrella, citronella candles and maybe even mosquito nets. However, when it rains or the summer ends, you have to store all of these items, but your home is already full of stuff.

An easy, affordable, functional and decorative solution is to buy an outdoor storage box, a patio storage bench, or some other form of a deck storage box. These come in weather resistant materials, tend to be lightweight and do not take up a large amount of space like outdoor storage sheds, making them ideal for a smaller yard.


Just about every man, handy or not, owns a variety of tools and because they tend to be dirty or greasy, most significant others do not want them in the house. Outdoor tools, such as gardening supplies or pool cleaners, are also likely to remain outside, in the garage or in a shed but you probably do not have them stored in a way that is neat or safe.

To resolve this problem, you may decide to use outdoor storage type containers as opposed to a heavy, often expensive toolbox or a bulky metal storage shed. Additionally, you might also want to pick up something to use for garden tool storage or pool toy storage, so that you do not mix up or damage any of these items.


If you already have a shed, you might want to use storage containers for outdoors to organize it but if you want to replace an existing one or put up a new shed, you have many options. You can use free storage shed plans to build your own outdoor storage unit or order one that is pre-made, such as a Suncast storage shed.

The various materials, such as a plastic storage shed or wood storage sheds, provide choices to meet your personal preferences, price range, and style.

Sheds also provide more function than storage containers for outdoors because they are bigger; allowing them to accommodate items such as bikes and motorcycles. These larger outdoor storage units may also meet your needs if you live on a farm, as a barn storage shed holds plenty of hay, hoes, rakes, seed or replacement parts for mechanical equipment.

Firewood storage structures might suit your interest if you like to cut your own lumber and build a stockpile to use or sell during the cold winter months.

Another added bonus of sheds is the ability to mount racks and shelves to the walls and ceiling. This is a great way to hang tools, store pots or buckets, keep bicycles out of the way, as well as sporting equipment, fishing poles or a small boat, such as a canoe or kayak.

Outdoor storage containers are versatile, functional, decorative, and helpful in organizing bulky or miscellaneous items that do not seem to have a place elsewhere. It is easy to find storage equipment in the size, shape, and material you need so that you can clean up your yard and have more time to enjoy your outdoor space.


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