Outdoor Storage Box

An outdoor storage box is great way to add more storage space, keep your house well-organized and clutter free. You probably have some space in your front yard, backyard, deck or patio and you can put this to good use, especially if you have shortage of space inside the house. One or more storage boxes in different unused areas can offer storage solutions for various uses.

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The Advantages of Outdoor Storage

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You may need extra storage if do you do not have enough closets inside the house, don’t have basement storage, a garage or an attic which you can use. Everybody has many clothes for different seasons, sports gear, traveling bags, coats, shoes, stationery and innumerable small and big things which need to be kept. However, often, no matter how much you are top of the clutter and keep on organizing your storage solutions, you always seem to have more stuff than you can keep in the house.

That is the time to look at a storage box for outdoor. Unused space outdoors can be put to good use by using smart and stylish boxed storage solutions.

Items to Be Put in Outdoor Storage

In different seasons of the year, you may want to keep different items in an storage box. These are some items you may keep protected in outdoor storage:

  • pool accessories
  • gaming equipment
  • sports items
  • winter boots
  • garden hoses
  • gardening supplies
  • fertilizers
  • D-I-Y tools
  • gardening tools
  • Christmas tree and ornaments
  • folding chairs
  • hardware
  • barbecue items

Storage Boxes of Different Kinds

Storage boxes for outdoors are available in many sizes and materials. By their very definition a box opens upwards. Most storage boxes have hinges and it is important that these hinges are of good quality and rust proof. Where plastic tabs are used for storage, they may not be strong enough. Some storage boxes may have doors for easier viewing and putting away of things.

While good quality plastic, which is weather proof, is always an option; you can also consider metal and wood.

Some kinds of wood, when well-maintained, actually do quite well outdoors, even when exposed to the elements.

Metal, too, can prove to be sturdy as long as it is painted/varnished and protected against rust.

You will have to keep the boxes clean and spend some time on upkeep, if you want them to last a long time. Cleaning them from inside, painting them when required are all ways to help maintain them. Considering that storage boxes can add to the décor, you should make sure they look good.

Double Duty Boxes

When boxes are kept outdoors, you can get even more use out of them by using them as an alternative seating option. Many storage boxes come with recessed seating: two people can sit on the longer bench-like storage box, while a smaller box can seat one.

Some storage boxes are stackable, so if you buy one and think you can use another one, you don’t need additional floor space to keep it. Look for rollers/wheels and handles if you plan to move your storage box so that it is easier to do so. Once full, a storage box will be heavy and difficult to move.

When you buy storage boxes online or from shops, make sure that they are easy to assemble, reading the reviews before buying to avoid expensive mistakes. Even if you buy from a store, you should check how it is put together, depending on your handyman skills. Many storage boxes are quite simple to assemble and come with detailed instructions, but others may be fiddly and difficult to put together. A good quality outdoor storage box should be water and weatherproof and also be durable.

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