Ornament Storage Containers

Christmas ornaments are a part of Christmas traditions so ornament storage containers are equally important as they safely store those traditions until the next holiday season. The right storage container will not only protect your ornaments, but also help keep you organized so you do not spend hours looking for your favorite ornaments.

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Storage Containers

The different storage ideas are as many as the types of ornaments, but some storage containers from which you can choose include:

Christmas Ornament Storage Box - Made by Household Essentials, this ornament storage box can hold up to 27 holiday ornaments and features adjustable dividers that allow you to store different sized ornaments. A plastic window in the front allows you to see what you have stored without having to dig through the box.

  • Compartment measurements are 5” x 5” x 5”
  • Overall size of the box measures 15” x 15” x 15”
  • The box is held upright by solid panels but can also be folded down to easily store it.
  • The sturdy polyester fabric comes in the traditional holiday colors of green and red.

Christmas Ornament Storage - Protect your Christmas ornaments when the holidays are over with the Christmas Ornament Storage containers. You can store up to 75 round ornaments and it includes dividers that provide each ornament with its own individual space. This unit is easy to store and carry with its interlocking lid and integrated handles.

  • The bright red lid is easily spotted if stored with many other things.
  • It is lightweight with a telescoping handle.
  • It has four separate trays for safe ornament storage.
  • Padded openings protect your heirloom ornaments.
  • Trays are removable so you can hold them and walk around your tree while decorating.
  • Each tray holds 18 to 20 ornaments.

TreeKeeper Pro Ornament Storage Bag - This is perfect for keeping your Christmas ornaments organized and it will keep them safe from dust, moisture, scratching or breaking. The TreeKeeper has these features:

  • Each removable storage tray is lightweight and has 24 compartments.
  • It is made from heavy duty nylon and polyester
  • It will hold up to 72 Christmas ornaments up to 4 inches in diameter.

Snap 'N Stack Seasonal Ornament - These ornament storage containers from Snap N Stack are great for keeping ornaments and other valuable holiday treasures safe and organized. This handy holders have with the following features:

  • Patented snap lock trays protect your favorite holiday keepsakes.
  • Items are separate. and organized in their trays
  • The design is space-saving and allows for convenient storing
  • You can snap on additional trays to customize your holiday storage needs.
  • Snap N Stack also offers small (6x9) and large (10x14) holiday totes to accommodate all types of holiday decorations.

Large 4- Tier Stackable 3-Ply Corrugated Ornament Storage Organizer - It is quick and easy to put away and store ornaments in this storage container after the holiday season, as well as easy to access the next season. You can organize up to 82 ornaments in four easy to slide drawers and features:

  • The 4-tier organizer has four drawers of which two hold 16 ornaments, and two hold 25 ornaments.
  • It is made of 3-ply corrugated cardboard.
  • By folding or removing dividers, you can store long and over- sized ornaments.

Keep your Memories Safe and Organized

Christmas ornaments often have a close connection to your holiday memories and traditions. Ornament storage containers are the best way to keep those precious ornaments safe from scratches and worse yet from being broken. Moreover, ornament containers are also a great way to keep them organized so you do not waste precious time during the busy holiday season hunting for what you need.

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