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If you are working in the middle of a mess, you can hire an office organizer or become one. It is stressful and difficult to accomplish your day's work if you cannot find a pen, let alone important documents or phone numbers. Organizing, filing, and making the most of your space is a positive step in de-cluttering not only your office but also your mind and helps to reduce stress.

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How to Organize Office Files

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The most common thing to create clutter in any office space is paperwork, whether you need to file, copy, fax, or throw it out, it is keeping your work environment unorganized. You can easily solve this problem by first making organized piles and sorting them with the use of a file organizer, such as bins, cardboard boxes, or stackable paper trays.

If you prefer not to use tangible filing items and really want to minimize clutter, modern technology allows you the opportunity to scan all of your documents and save them to external hard drives or flash drives. This helps to sort out the garbage, lets you prioritize the documents and makes them easily accessible in the event you need to make reference to it.

One important concept to remember when utilizing your new organizer skills to file documents is that you have to create a system and remain consistent. For instance, do not start your filing system by last name, forget and then start to file by first name, as this leads to clutter free but unorganized papers.

Desk Organizer

Once you organize your paperwork, you can move on to the next level of being an organizer for your office and straighten out your desk. A variety of mini storage bins, tins and plastic holders are available in assorted sizes, shapes and colors so you can neatly store paper clips, rubber bands, push pins and other small pieces of office supplies. Pen and pencil holders, drawer trays, wire covers or clips and a small file cabinet that doubles as a cushioned seat, are among other ways for you to clear your desk and maximize office space.


Home Office Organizers

Organizing a home office may be more challenging than straightening out a work office, especially if you use the space for other activities, such as sewing, crafts or writing. To make the most out of this space, you and the person you share it with need to work together and share the responsibility of keeping the room organized.

If you do not share the space, then organizing is probably easier because you have more square footage for office furnishings, such as file cabinets or a large desk. You can use the same items in organizing a home office as you would a work space but if you do not want to spend money or prefer a personal touch, use coffee mugs as pen holders and the clay ash tray your kid made to hold paper clips and rubber bands.

As a home organizer for your office, you might want to consider some items that you would not have at your place of employment, such as a mail organizer or a monthly bill organizer. These tools can help you keep track of items you need to mail, incoming documents that you have to review or bills you have to pay.

This method of organizing prevents late payments, missed deadlines, frees up your time and makes it easy for your significant other to take over just in case you are not available to handle the everyday finances.

Choosing to be your own office organizer is the best way to take on your chaotic situation, as it not only brings a sense of accomplishment and empowerment, but it makes your daily tasks more manageable. The reduction of stress and extra time allows you, your boss and your family to reap the benefits.

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