Moving Storage Containers

Moving storage containers can be a lifesaver on your next move whether you are upsizing, downsizing, or keeping the same size. Many people have found it necessary to store some or all of their belongings until they are ready to take possession of their new home. Storage containers are useful for both short term and long-term storage needs.

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Top Storage Companies

When it comes to storing your belongings, many companies are available but the top six storage container companies are:

  • PODS
  • U-Haul
  • ABF U- Pack
  • 1-800-PACK RAT
  • Door-To-Door Storage
  • Smart Move


Established in 1998, PODS offers three sizes of steel frame containers with aluminum side panels and a lightweight roll-up door. The capacities of the three pods are 5,000, 8,000 and 10,000 pounds respectively. PODS gives you up to 30 days to fill and arrange for transport. That is great because it allows you to pack and store gradually instead of a last minute packaging marathon. They deliver the moving storage containers in 48 states as well as Canada and Australia.


U-Haul’s portable moving storage containers are called U-Boxes. They offer only one size of container measuring 7’6 x 5’ x 8’ and can carry up to 2000 pounds. U-Boxes are made of heavy duty plywood and are kept covered with a protective cover while out in the elements. They estimate that for a three or four bedroom house you will need five U-Boxes. For multiple box delivery U-Haul has specially designed trucks for transporting all boxes at the same time.

ABF U-Pack

ABF U-Pack offers a one size container called a ReloCube and measures 6’3 x 7’ x 8’4. They are weatherproof and have durable steel framing and aluminum side panels. ABF U-Pack offers three delivery methods; a flatbed trailer, a drop-deck trailer and a lift gate van, which is similar to a tractor-trailer. You have the option of adding your own lock for added security.


The company offers moving storage containers in two sizes, 12- foot containers and 16-foot containers made from all steel components including the frame, door and walls. A 16-foot container can hold the contents of three or four rooms in your typical house. The containers feature metal skids on the bottom with a 6” clearance to keep the container off the ground and ensure everything stays dry at all times.

Door-To Door Storage

They offer one size container measuring 7’ x 5’ x 8’ and each pod can hold one to one and one-half rooms or 40-60 medium sized boxes. The containers are made of construction-grade wood and the floor of each container is kept off the ground to keep your belongings protected from water damage when the pod is kept outdoors.

Smart Move

Smart Move offers fast and flexible container transit that is guaranteed to move you anywhere in the US and in 10 days or less. They offer one size of container that is 6’9” x 5’11” x 6’11”. Smart Move offers the following benefits:

  • SmartVault mobile storage technology
  • $10,000 cargo protection plan per SmartVault
  • 28 days of free storage
  • Mobilized storage
  • SmartVault tracking system

More Choices than Ever

Today’s mover has many more choices than the days when you rented a truck and spent all day and half the night loading it just to make it to your next destination in time. Afterwards, you get to do a marathon of unloading only to have to drive it back to the rental company. That may not be so bad if you’re moving across town but if you move out of state, it can be time consuming and very costly.

Moving storage containers give you the flexibility to pack them at your own pace, move when you are ready, and un-pack at your own pace. In other words, storage containers put you in control, not some moving company.

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