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A movie organizer is a necessity if you have many discs whether DVDs, Blu-ray or even older CDs. If you just put the discs in a drawer or box, you will have to hunt through the whole lot to find the one you want. When you pile disc on top of disc, the combined weight can damage the ones at the bottom of the pile and the purpose of storing the discs is lost. Even if you do not have discs, but have movies or entertainment programs downloaded on your computer or an external hard drive for watching later, it still may be hard to retrieve the particular one you want.

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A Movie Organizer for Discs

Many disc organizers are available depending on your needs, the number of discs you have and the space that you have to store the organizers.

Soft organizers are portable and easy to carry when traveling or going to a friend’s house to watch movies. Available in different sizes, they have soft and padded covers and plastic inserts to keep the discs safe. The ones that are round in shape will not be able to keep the covers of the movies so you have to remove the disc from the cover and then slide it in. Usually the smaller ones take 24 discs at a time and come in funky designs.

Wallet holders look like long books and have two sections on each side. You can often store the complete DVD or Blueray disc along with the cover, so it is easy to find. You can also store the disc in this without the cover. Again, these carry 24 discs or more. Bigger sizes can store hundreds of discs and are akin to portable boxes.


Spindles and tower organizers can store between 10 and 20 discs, with separators in the center to prevent discs from damage. Spindles are round and covered, so they protect discs from dust and dirt, but you have to remove discs from the covers before storing them. Tower organizers can be placed on a desk or flat surface and you can store the discs in their covers, so you can slide a disc out and see what is on it before removing it.

A wall mounted movie organizer takes up very little wall space and you can mount it so that it is eye level and easy to see. If you have lots of discs and not enough space, you can use wall-mounted organizers to use empty wall space for storage. Discs can be stored in their covers, which protect them from damage and dust.

Automated Movie Disc Organizers

Towers, spindles, wallets and other organizers are all manual storage devices and you have to physically look for the movie you want. You can also get automated movie disc organizers that work via your pc. Available in rectangular or round shapes, these organizers fit up to 100 discs and come with plug and play software. The discs are stored in an external carousel or box and have to be manually entered into the system, which can take some time, but once the work is done, all your movies are stored and easily accessible. The automated systems come with their own software.

Computer Software

Discs are external media, but when you have many movies on your computer, many software programs are available so that you can access your movies and play them quickly. Some software is free, while many are not, so you may want to check out free ones, read the reviews and then try them out or you can opt for a paid program.

Among the popular programs available are:

  • Movienizer
  • Oxd Software Organizer
  • Movie Organizer Deluxe
  • Movie Library Organizer Pro
  • Easy Movie Organizer
  • PrimaSoft Organizer

The programs can organize all your movies and other media so that you can catalogue them and access them easily. Some of the programs are also linked to web sites with information about the movies, so you can check reviews, the cast or even movie trivia.

You probably have downloaded many discs and movies on your computer hard drive. When you have many movies, then you need to organize them properly so that you can quickly find the one to match your mood and the time you have. A movie organizer, whether to store solid discs or computer movies is a valuable tool to organize your library of movies.

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