Motorcycle Storage Shed

Investing in a motorcycle storage shed has many advantages. It can be a great way to keep your bike and all the associated junk out of the way and out of the garage, and it solves the problem of how to keep it secure outside. A storage shed offers much more protection from the weather than a simple cloth or cover as it will be leak proof, and will allow you to work on your bike in comfort even when it rains.

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Space is Everything

Anyone who has owned a motorbike will know that many accessories go along with it and it makes sense to have them all in one place. This means that any motorcycle storage shed that you buy should be big enough not just for your bike but also for your helmet, gloves and maintenance tools. If you want to, you can buy sheds that will be big enough for you to work on your bike out of the rain and away from the house in private.

Be Secure

One of the big drawbacks of having a motorcycle storage shed in your yard is that it advertises your bike ownership to the world at large. While you would like to think that having a shed would keep your bike safe, you will need to think of what extra security measures you’ll put in place to look after your bike. This may include investing in a bolt down shed which screws into concrete, a big pad lock or a connection to your house alarm. Your motorbike is a big investment so make sure you use your motorcycle storage shed to keep it safe.

Access Options

Choosing the right shed will often depend on how easy it is to get your bike in and out. The last thing you want to do after a long ride is wrestle with a poorly designed shed. The best options for easy access are:

  • Whole lid lift – This design is where the whole shed lies on hinges which allows you to park the bike inside the boundaries and then simply drop the lid. The better models will contain hooks and drawers for your accessories.
  • Roll-top door – This often comes with larger sheds and will look more like a small garage than storage shed. The smallest model will allow you to walk your bike in and then leave, while the larger options will give you space to clean and work on your bike. The roll top door should be made of metal for additional security and you can use a large padlock to make it secure.
  • Open barn doors – The door option will probably fit in best with your outdoor décor as you can make it look like a regular shed. This will act as an added layer of security as people will not know what is on the inside. The doors will require a frame, which may make it harder to get the bike in and out.

Construction Options

Overall, you will be better off asking the store or provider to install the shed for you. You need to be sure that they are secured into the ground correctly and that they are put together solidly to make sure that no gaps can catch crowbars or fingers. It is possible to do it yourself, but you will need the right tools, large bolts and a fair amount of home improvement knowledge. The installation costs can be sizeable but it is usually worth it for the peace of mind that it gives you.

As with most luxury items, your best bet to get the best price for your motorcycle storage shed is to look at the models in a store and then shop around online. Most online stores will ship the container ready made for you in a matter of days but the size and weight may make the shipping costs prohibitive. Shop around to get the best price and be prepared to go back to the store if you cannot find it cheaper online.

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