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The rise of Internet shopping has ironically led to the need for a mail organizer in just about every American home. Every time you get something delivered to your home, that company adds your name to their mailing list.

This means that they can send you all the junk mail and catalogs that they like, as well as selling your details onto other related companies unless you opt out. When you start receiving large amounts of mail, it becomes easy to lose important mail items among all of the junk.

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Simple Sorters

The most basic mail organizer you can get will be made out of plastic or mesh metal and will have a few slots for your mail. You can then sift through the pile separating bills and important items from the junk. This works best for a single person household, as you do not have to worry about combining different people’s mail.

Pigeon Holes

What works well at work will work well at home. A pigeonhole mail organizer is great for larger families who get a lot of mail, or people who have many roommates. It is usually a good idea to make sure that you have a few more slots than people to give yourself room for junk or general mail. In a house of various tenants, you may notice some letters that are addressed to the current occupiers and these may well be communal bills or information from the local town.

Wallet Sorters

If you do not have enough space for a pigeonhole unit, you can invest in a simple series of wallet mail sorters. These are slightly larger than a big letter and screw into the wall. You cannot use them to separate mail into different categories, but it is useful if you want to sort each person’s mail. You can use it as a space saver as you can screw them in at chest level which gives you space for a table or shoe rack underneath.

Desk Organizers

If you like to have time to sort through your mail, then having a desk mail organizer should be your first choice. It works in a similar way to an in tray system at work. You start by simply dumping all of the mail into one big wire basket each day. At your own leisure, you can sit down and work out what needs to happen with each piece.

The fact that it sits on top of your desk means that you can file everything away as you deal with it, as well as having your checkbook on hand for any bills. You can then put any outgoing mail into the out tray ready to be mailed.

Vacation Organizers

One of the most frustrating experiences of going on vacation is coming back to find a huge pile of mail waiting for your immediate attention. A vacation organizer is a simple way for anyone checking in on your home to sort your mail so you can prioritize on your return.

It has three simple slots in the top, one for obvious junk mail, one for obvious bills and one for personal communications. It will not take your house sitter more than a couple of minutes on each visit to use the sorter and you will save valuable time when you get back.

Most people find that they need a mail organizer when they start getting mountains of junk mail. One of the best ways to organize your mail is to get yourself taken off any unwanted mailing list and sign up for online billing where possible. This should dramatically reduce the amount of mail and the online billing will mean that you are less likely to miss an important deadline. The only mail you should then receive is personal letters and postcards which are much more enjoyable to sort.

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