Linen Closet Organizer

If your linen closet is out of control, you may want a good linen closet organizer. Organizers allow you to fit more in your closet while still looking neat and orderly and the options for different kinds of organizers are endless. This is the best way to make sure you know where everything is and allows you to quickly and easily find what you need.

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A closet organizer for your linens is usually a series of shelves designed to fit in your closet that allows you to store things like bed linens and towels. Often, linen closets end up being general storage for anything related to the bed and bathrooms. With this in mind, a variety of types of storage are usually necessary in a linen closet. Everybody has a different closet set-up and linen storage needs, so it is very important to determine what you need in particular and find an organizer that fits best with that.


If your closet does not have shelves, you may want to invest in a linen closet organizer with shelves. These tend to be on the more expensive end of things and often require a significant amount of assembly, but will be very useful as a way to store your extra towels and sheets. If your closet comes with pre-made shelves, you will not need to worry about this but shelves are needed in any linen closet organizer.

Shelving systems can run from $50 for less sturdy and smaller shelves to over $1000 for a full set of well-made shelves. If you don’t need a lot of shelves or if you are not planning to live in the same place for long, it is a good idea to get the lower cost shelves, but you may want to invest more if you own your house and plan to stay. If you are looking for a high quality, custom shelving system, you may want to consider the Container Store, which has a variety of types for all your linen closet needs.

Hanging Organizers

If you are looking for something that involves less time, commitment and cost, you may be happy with a hanging organizer. These organizers attach to the bar at the top of your closet, are made of fabric and have small compartments that are just the right size for your linens. These are less sturdy but can easily hold towels and sheets and are relatively inexpensive, usually between $20 and $40. You can find them at any store that sells housewares, including Sears, Bed Bath and Beyond and Ikea.


Some people use their linen closets to store things other than just towels and sheets such as excess cleaning products or kitchen supplies. In this case, you may need to find a linen closet organizer that includes drawers. If you already have shelves, you can just get individual drawers or bins that fit on them. You can find drawers for your linen closet online at or in person at any housewares store such as Linens and Things. Popular brands include Household Essentials, Lorest Linen and Honey-Can-Do

The best closet organizers often have interchangeable parts that include options for shelves of different lengths and heights as well as drawers and space for hangers. Due to their large size and high quality, they are often at the high end of pricing, but many people find them worth it to maximize closet space and organization. Top brands for these organizers include Elfa, ClosetMaid and John Louis Home.

A good linen closet organizer can greatly improve your closet and alleviate a number of space issues. You will need to take inventory of what you want to store, decide how to store it, and look at your budget. Once you have made decisions on those issues, you can find the perfect organizer for your linen closet and get to work.

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