Kitchen Storage Cabinets

Kitchen storage cabinets are an important part of the kitchen as numerous food and non-food items are stored in the kitchen. A kitchen should have ample storage so that it looks neat and uncluttered, particularly as it is the heart of the home; the place where the family eats together.

Size of Cabinets

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In most kitchens, the counter height is at three feet, which is considered the optimal height. This serves most people unless they are too short or too tall, in which case kitchen furniture will have to be specially made – though some places do reduce or increase the height on order.

Almost all countertop space has kitchen storage cabinets under them, but these cabinets will be somewhat shorter than 36”, especially if you leave some ground clearance.

The cabinets above the countertop may range from 30” to 42” or may even go up to the ceiling. You will have to see how much space you want above the counter before fixing the height of overhead storage – the standard height here is 18”.

The cupboards should be at a height, which is comfortable for you to reach. Then you have to decide whether you want up to ceiling storage or a little lower. You may want to leave some countertop space without any overhead storage so that you can comfortably place all your gadgets and appliances and work with them. If your kitchen is large enough, you may want to have a full sized pantry cupboard to keep all your staples within easy reach.

Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Kitchen cabinets can have doors that open outwards and seal shut, flush with the frame. You can also have some glass-fronted doors with lights inside to display crockery or decoration pieces. Where there is not enough clearance for doors to open or there is a possibility that you may hit your head against open doors, you may want to put in sliding doors.

Doors should be easy to clean so laminates are a good idea as their upkeep is easier. You can also use paint, which is easier to change when you want to give your kitchen a new look. Polish gives a very rich look to storage cabinets. You can also have fancy knobs or recessed openings on the doors.

Inside the cabinets

The inside of the cabinets can be varied. You can, of course, have shelves in most of them, so there is more storage available. You can also have a few drawers, especially one with compartments to keep your cutlery and tableware. One or more cupboards should have wire racks to store your pots and pans and miscellaneous items which should be easily available.

Some people like have wire drawers inside a few of the cupboards to store daily use crockery and other items. A cabinet with a dish rack inside near the sink area can store crockery, which you may need to hand wash.

Organize the Storage Cabinets

You may have the best and state of the art modern gadgets and appliances, but it is important that the inside of each cabinet is also neat and tidy. If you have a designated pantry, you can store your cans and bottles there, otherwise you should mark one or more cupboards for these items.

Keep all clearing supplies and bottles separately so they are not mixed with food items. Designate one cupboard for empty storage containers, extra kitchen foil, cling film, kitchen paper and the like.

When you open cardboard boxes containing food items, aim to decant the contents into glass or plastic containers, which give a neat appearance and are see through. These also keep the food fresh, which is particualary important in high humidity areas.

While, kitchen storage cabinets are utilitarian and a necessary part of kitchen organization, they can also add to the beauty of your kitchen.

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