Kitchen Organizers

Kitchen organizers are an indispensable part of the kitchen so that everything is in its place and you can access whatever you want easily. As many items go into a usable kitchen including fresh and perishable food items, dry goods, utensils, pots, pans, appliances, gadgets, cook tops, water systems, crockery, cutlery, cleaning items and more, the kitchen needs to be optimized for space so that it is not cramped and difficult to navigate.

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Wall Storage


Walls can provide a great deal of kitchen storage. Narrow shelving, wire hanging baskets and racks can store often-used items in the kitchen. Near the sink, wire racks can hold cleaning supplies or even drain racks for hand washed crockery or pans. Single hooks or a line of hooks can store hanging pots and pans or even small hand gadgets.

Narrow units can hold spice jars or sugar, tea and coffee jars or even cups and saucers. Shelving units are easy to keep clean and store items that you need a few times a day, instead of forcing you to hunt through cupboards or drawers.

Counter Space

Counter space for kitchen organizers is important, as you need workspace for chopping, cutting and preparation. If you have a wide enough counter, you can also put a table top Lazy Susan to hold important items, a container to hold spatulas, mixing spoons and the like. Wire baskets are good containers for vegetables or even packed bread rolls.

You may want to put a fruit bowl, a breadbox or a mug holder on your counter space for easy access. On a side counter, you may need to keep important appliances like a coffee maker, a mixer/blender, a toaster or a countertop microwave.

Cupboards as Kitchen Organizers

Cupboards play an invaluable role in organizing your entire kitchen ware, whether crockery or dry goods, cans, bottles, extra supplies and more. Cupboards can go below the counters and also overhead, where things are easier to reach. If you have space, you can use a large cupboard as a pantry cupboard to store all dry goods neatly and easily accessible. Cans, boxes, bottles, and non-perishable items can be stored in a pantry cupboard.

The cupboards can be fully laminated or wood finished; some may have glass inserts if you want to display decorative items or expensive crockery or cut glassware. You can put rarely used items in cupboards which are too high or too low, taking them out only when needed. Items for daily or frequent use should always be easily accessible. It is always a good idea to have shelves of with different lengths in between so that you can store long canisters or jars or bottles in them

Drawer Organizers

You can build drawers into your below the counter cupboards or have a whole unit of drawers. Drawers are very useful because they pull out and you can see everything at a glance. They can be used to store many kitchen essentials like extra rolls of kitchen paper, aluminum foil, baking paper, cling film, plastic storage containers and the like.

Kitchen organizers that make sections of the drawers are useful to organize all the small stuff so that the drawers are not messy.

A sectioned drawer for knives and cutlery also keeps the flatware and silverware safe and leaves countertop space free. Large wired drawers can be used to store pots, pans and other dishes. Smaller wired drawers do the trick for spices, dry herbs and condiments if you want to put them in drawers.

Whether your kitchen is big or small, many handy items are needed while cooking and these should be easily accessible so that in the middle of cooking you do not waste time looking for things. Kitchen organizers do a good job of organizing your kitchen so cooking is fast and easy and you don’t get stressed looking for something.

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