Kids Closet Organizers

Keeping your children’s rooms clean can be a constant battle. Kids closet organizers are a great way to motivate the kids to pick up after themselves. You can do-it-yourself by purchasing from a whole array of organizers and putting things together yourself. With the many low cost ways to organize a child’s closet, it is the first step to keeping your child’s room clean.

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Hanging Organizers

One of the cheapest ways to organize your child’s closet is with a low cost hanging organizer. Hanging kids closet organizers can be hung either from one or two hangers or from your closet rod and you can put them up or take them down in seconds. You can go with simple white or liven up your child’s room with bright colors and animal motifs with such products as these:

  • The 3 Sprouts Hanging Organizer Cow- This is a great looking, easy to hang, canvas unit with a fun cow motif. It has three pockets, folds easily for storage, wipes clean with a damp cloth and is 40” high. This one is great for diapers, small toys, and socks that are always disappearing. Three Sprouts retails for about $23 at stores like Target.
  • The 7 Shelf Closet Organizer- This is your basic white canvas-hanging organizer with seven pockets, great for anything you can imagine. It is great for organizing your kid’s clothes. In separate pockets you can put shoes, shirts, socks, underwear, pants, hats and gloves; all things that you need every day and it’s great to have easy access to them when the dresser is overflowing. The item comes with easy mounting hardware, easily wipes clean and folds for easy storage. Dimensions are: 60” H x 11” x 11”. Retails for only $17.
  • The Kidz Flower Print 7-Shelf Hanging Closet Organizer- The 7-shelf organizer comes with reinforced shelves to better support its 21 mesh pockets. The organizer has a pink flower print motif that girls love, and features parents love. Rotating hook allows for easy access to personal items and measures 10”W x 61” H x 10” D and the 7-shelf organizer retails for about $24.

Storage Tips

When it comes to kids closet organizers, small brightly colored boxes, bins or baskets are kid friendly and easy for kids, especially small ones to manage. Little drawers and cubbies make it easy for kids to find their things and shallow bins and drawers are best because they do not have to riffle through so much stuff. Many different bins are available from which to choose and here are just a few that are small, colorful, light and stackable:

  • The Land of Nod- When it comes to kids closet organizers the Land of Nod has a great selection of sturdy lightweight, colorful, cloth floor bins from which to choose. They come in aqua, green, blue, purple, and yellow. They’re just the right size for your little ones to pick up and move around. Nod’s floor bins are 18” square, made from 100 percent polypropylene felt and retail for $32 each.
  • I Think I Canvas Wide Drawer- Also from the Land of Nod, these colorful, stackable canvas drawers are perfect for just about anything you would find in a child’s room. Being lightweight, your child can fill one in his room and carry it to the closet during clean up time. They are also constructed from durable polyester lined with PVC to make them sturdy enough to survive a child’s room. Dimensions are 10.5"Wx10.5"Dx6.75"H for the Wide Drawer variety and 4.75"Wx10.5"Dx5"H for the Narrow Drawer ones. They retail for about $8 and $5 respectively.


You know your children best, and when it comes to kids closet organizers you know best what your little ones will like. If they have fun, brightly colored bins and closet hangers you will have less of a battle getting them to clean up their room. Remember, think small, light, colorful and do-it-yourself; maybe even get your kids to pick out the bins they like and you’ll be glad you did.

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