Jewelry Closet

If you are lucky enough to need a jewelry closet, then you should be happy with the abundant variety available in which you may store your precious metals and gems. Still, if you are the type of person who loves to accessorize, then you may also enjoy the convenience of such an organizer, as it can keep your chains from tangling, your watches from scratching and your earrings from going to pieces.

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Hanging Jewelry Organizer


Many people today want to minimize your clutter and make the most of your real estate by maximizing their living and storage space. For you, a hanging jewelry closet is an ideal choice to a bulky, heavy dresser top box or standing cabinet.

This alternative is so popular that manufacturers now make fun, playful organizers to fit your personality.You can opt from a black t-shirt or corset, a whimsical metal wrought iron replica piece, a hot pink and zebra stripe design or a simple hanger style created to fit a variety of jewelry pieces.

Other options include basic designs made of plastic that have small individual pouches, wall-mounted shelves with hooks that double as a jewelry holder and storage space for toiletries, books or other small knick-knacks you might keep in your closet.

Turning Empty Space into Jewelry Spots

It is unlikely you have any empty closet shelves but if you do, you can turn your vacant space into your own jewelry closet by using various pieces to store your sparkle and shine. You may opt to use a six-piece watch holder made of black leather, complete with soft cushiony inserts to support your timepieces.

Metal tree stands with numerous branches, an outstretched forearm with an open hand and wide spread fingers, and a Victorian style wire mesh earring holder are all other options for storing and displaying your jewelry neatly in the closet.


Professional, but affordable, jewelry display bars in tiers also make great storage pieces for closets, as does a basic metal necklace stand with ring or earring tray as the base.

You may also choose an item that caters more to your personality, such as the metal shaped jewelry holders that feature peace signs. Another favorite are the Eiffel Tower, a woman in a leopard outfit with her cat, hearts, shamrocks, butterflies or the fancily dressed headless mannequins with steel arms protruding in several directions.

Jewelry Amoire

If you have the space or just prefer to stick with a more elegant piece, than the traditional jewelry closet or armoire is for you. Made from various types of wood and stained in an assortment of red, brown and gold hues, these boxes come in a number of shapes, sizes and interior layouts. Some have many drawers in which you can lay all of your pieces while others have hooks on the doors for bracelets and necklaces.

Modern models offer closet designs that are tall, slim and mount on the wall, allowing you to keep your floors clear while still getting the traditional style you want with plenty of extra space to store all of your favorite gems. Some of these models even have a full length mirror on the door and removable trays that stack so you can really make the most of your space, leaving you with no excuse not to add to your collection of sparkly friends.

No matter male or female, if you have accessories, real or costume, you want a jewelry closet because it not only saves space and eliminates damage to your little something extra’s, but it also lets you keep them available for future use since all past trends tend to come back in style. So, whether you invest in or create your own jewelry storage space, just do it, as it simplifies your life and keeps you looking glamorous.

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