How to Organize Your Home

You have many options when deciding how to organize your home and can design each room in a unique way or use the same system for every space. You may opt for furniture or décor that comes with undetectable storage compartments, or choose to utilize every part of your closet, from the ceiling to the floor.

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If you have an unfinished basement or attic with no time or money to fix it up, methods exist for organizing those too. Regardless of how you decide to attack this endeavor, the feat of getting your home organized revolves around knowing what you want to accomplish and having a plan to do it.

The Bedroom

If you are in the early stages of deciding how to organize a home, you might consider de-cluttering your living room first since you probably spend most of your time there and want to avoid judgment by your next guest, however, the bedroom should be your first priority. Although the bedroom is primarily for sleeping, it can also be a place of solace and should create a feeling of calmness, not stress.

In order to keep your bedroom neat and your mind at ease, you have to commit to a selected method of how to organize your room – even if that means simply throwing clothes in a storage bench at the foot of the bed. Pick something that is convenient and hassle free, such as shelves if you have a narrow closet, this way you can stack clothes high.

If you do not want to iron and have a wide closet, utilize hangar space by placing a high and low rod in your closet, leaving room for a shoe rack on the floor. These systems, often referred to as bedroom closet organizers, are easy to find, affordable and not hard to install.

In the event you do not have a closet or lack one that is big enough, consider putting platform beds with storage underneath in each room for a chic but functional finish.

The Multipurpose Room

No matter what you call this room, odds are it contains a television, DVD’s, maybe even CD's and VHS tapes, as well as a few remotes and possibly children’s toys. This every day room is usually the hardest to keep organized and you may be at the point of giving up when it comes to cleaning because the stress and energy of organizing is just too overwhelming. If you can manage to teach your family how to organize your home, however, you have a good chance of keeping this room clutter free.

One option for movies, music and remotes is a mountable wall unit or multimedia storage stand. You can store these items in bins or baskets, stack them up, or use a DVD storage binder and a CD storage book to organize your media. Another choice is to purchase DVD storage cabinets, CD storage furniture or a DVD/CD player that holds a hundred or more discs. If you have a large quantity of photos or albums in this room, you might want to invest in digital photo storage items, such as an electronic photo album or use an online site to store your family memories.

When it comes to toys, games, knick-knacks and décor, home storage cabinets serve both purposes and keep items hidden in a way that makes the room look nicely furnished. A decorative wall organizer can also add to a room’s style while a wire storage shelf is ideal for a closet or garage.

For Everything Else

Photo courtesy of NataPics
Photo courtesy of Miss Karen

Whether it is your home office desk or your kitchen, the drawers and cabinets are likely to be messy and unorganized, making it difficult to find or grab items quickly. Nevertheless, if you know how to organize your home by using cabinet or drawer organizers, you are sure to find peace of mind and save time. If these spaces happen to be full of coupons or sports memorabilia, clean them up with a coupon organizer or baseball card storage boxes.

No matter what is in your living space, if you know how to organize your home, you can find anything in mere seconds. By knowing how to best utilize your space, you increase the functionality of your home and may even combine the purpose of rooms, like making part of an office into an organized sewing room or turning an empty basement corner into wine cellar storage. When you organize, you save time, have less stress and open your home to new possibilities of function and design.




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