How to Organize Garage

Figuring out how to organize garage is likely to be a challenge, especially if you want it to be a workshop full of tools and auto parts while your significant other wants to utilize the space for storage or parking. If you have the space, you can both get what you want; you just have to organize it and creatively use all of your square footage.

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By shopping around, doing some research and investing in a variety of items, from Rubbermaid garage storage cabinets to overhead garage storage items, such as bike racks, you have the ability to get the space you need and eliminate clutter.

Garage Storage Solutions

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Finding the combination of garage storage systems that is right for you consists solely on your personal preferences and the way in which you want to utilize this space. If you want to store holiday or seasonal items, place them in bins or containers and line them against a wall, stack them in a corner or sit them on a easy to assemble shelves. This leaves plenty of space for your car and prevents you from accidentally hitting any of your possessions.

To also store tools in this space, consider purchasing a tall, but not too wide, tool box or mount wall cabinets with moveable shelves, which allows you to keep items of various sizes in one place and organize your work materials. Depending on the size of your space, a worktable or bench is another option to consider when it comes to how to organize garage.

Overhead Garage Storage

Not every garage is big enough to have a work area, fit a car, and keep miscellaneous items such as a snow blower, bikes and pool supplies, which is why overhead storage is a great solution to this problem.

The market demand for convenience and advancements in technology have also made this an easy solution because, once you install your new garage storage lift, you never have to use a ladder or pick up heavy items again in order to store or retrieve them.

These systems come with automatic or manual options, are sometime large enough to create a “floating loft,” for storage use only of course, and they can also help you actually transport items to and from your garage storage loft, should you have one.

A simple garage storage rack for your ceiling or a homemade system of wires, hooks or wood offers another means as to how to organize your garage. You can use this type of storage concept to put away bikes, canoes, kayaks or fishing poles while a small hammock hung in a corner works great for sporting equipment, such as soccer balls, baseball mitts and rollerblades.

Car Storage Garage

Some people really love their automobiles, working on them or restoring old classics, in which case your garage probably serves no other function than storing your cars. If you need to know how to organize your garage around your car, automotive retailers have a variety of options.

You might invest in a small metal shelf with sides to hold cans, fluids, or cleaning products and prevent them from falling. An extension cord holder and spark plug caddy might also be among the items you find useful in assisting with your car storage garage, as well as a combination holder complete with towel rack so you can wipe grease and clean up messes.

Straightening out your garage and figuring out where to put everything may take some time but to accomplish this task successfully, you must first know how to organize garage. Once you have a plan, you can purchase or build the storage items you need and put all your stuff in its place.

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