How to Organize a Kitchen

Learning how to organize a kitchen is an essential tool in keeping a tidy, orderly home. In many cases, the kitchen and dining area are one of the main areas that people see when they visit your home – it is also one of the areas that will accumulates the most clutter. Keeping this area organized and manageable will help keep away the clutter and allow you find what you need, when you need it.

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The Deep Clean

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Before you begin the attempt to organize your kitchen, it is wise that you take some time to do a thorough deep clean. Wash and put away dishes, throw away mail left on counter tops, mop the floor, etc. It will be much easier for you to organize an already clean room than to try and shuffle around dirty dishes and trash while you organize.

Downsizing Your Kitchen Clutter

The first step in learning how to organize a kitchen is to acknowledge that you probably have a whole array of items in this room that you no longer need or have no use for any longer. These items are taking up precious space in your kitchen that could be better utilized for other purposes and so, it is important that you do a sweep of your kitchen and remove these items to create additional space.

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What Should I Eliminate?

The answer to this question is quite simple: anything you don’t need or use. Consider getting rid of old or broken appliances such as mixers or bread makers. Throwing away old chipped dishes, tarnished silverware that you don’t use or even knickknacks that have no sentimental value will all help create much needed space in your kitchen that will help you organize, especially in small kitchens.

Storage! Storage! Storage!

The main method in learning how to organize your kitchen is learning to utilize, add and incorporate storage space in all areas of your kitchen.

The Refrigerator

The refrigerator and freezer is often one of the hardest spaces to organize because not only is there limited space but you are also challenged by the fact that unlike cabinets or open spaces, you cannot add storage space as needed.

If you need more refrigerator storage, making use of freezer storage containers can make a world of difference. When you bring home your groceries, try utilizing airtight containers or vacuum food storage freezer bags and bulk food storage containers to minimize the packaging for your frozen foods and make things easier for you to store and organize. On the refrigerator side of the appliance, this problem is avoidable by using plastic food storage containers.

Also, for families who drink a lot of bottled water, a ton of space can be saved by purchasing a tap water filter and filling reusable sports bottles from water storage containers that use up a lot less space in your fridge.

Freeing Up Your Cabinet Space

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Many people have issues keeping their kitchen cabinet storage area tidy and organized. This can be a major concern for people who have a lot of pots, pans and small appliances that they keep tucked away in their cabinets. If you’re curious about how to organize kitchen cabinets, finding additional space is as simply as purchasing a few kitchen storage cabinets. This type of kitchen furniture comes in various sizes and is purchasable in several different colors to harmonize with your current décor.

The Counters

The easiest way to acquire substantial clutter in your kitchen is to neglect the organization of your countertops. In addition to throwing away or donating all dishes, small appliances or knickknacks that are of no use to you, a number of gadgets can help you make good use of the space you have. These kitchen organizers will help you learn how to organize a kitchen more efficiently and make your life just a bit easier. These items include:

  • Kitchen pot racks – these gizmos are available various styles and can either be placed in cabinets for a more tidy space or even hung from the ceiling to create a completely different space.
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  • Kitchen Canisters – A very useful tool in learning how to organize your kitchen plastic and glass food storage containers help you to free up cabinet and counter space by allowing you to store your dry goods such as sugars, flour, grains and pasta neatly on your counter without all the bags and packaging. You may also want to invest in a coffee storage and coffee bean storage containers for this same purpose.
  • Recipe Organizer – If you have a drawer full of them and you are in need of a means to organize recipes, this gizmo will do just the trick.

Perfecting the art of knowing how to organize your kitchen will definitely take some effort, especially if it is a problem area, however, it is definitely worth the time. An efficient and orderly kitchen will not only be more esthetically pleasing but will also make the best use of your existing space and make finding all your kitchen essentials a breeze.

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