Grocery Coupon Organizer

A grocery coupon organizer can save you hundreds of dollars over the course of a year. Taking advantage of coupons for savings on sale items is one way to save but being able to quickly grab the coupon for additional savings on an unadvertised store special makes a good buy a great buy. Organizers for coupons come in all shapes and sizes and at reasonable prices, so you can buy one or make one that fits into your lifestyle.

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Types of Organizers

Developers have created software that also helps the serious shopper to organize their coupons. Cost begins at about $20 for the software and some offer free trial periods.

Traditional organizers are made from envelopes, an expanding wallet or file, an index box or a binder. You need dividers to separate and categorize your coupons and tabbed dividers are the most useful.

The envelop system is simply using a number of envelopes marked for each category that you put in a shoe box, or file box. Envelopes do wear out, but it is a quick and easy start to organizing your coupons.

The expanding wallet or file grocery coupon organizer can also be totally hand made but it requires quite a bit of cutting, gluing, time and effort. If you prefer the expanding file method but do not have the time to make it all, you can buy an expanding file, and then personalize it with the labels to sort the coupons.

You can use a box, which can be an index box, a shoebox, a plastic tub with a lid, or a recipe box, but all are a great grocery coupon organizer. You need tabs to separate your coupons according the sorting method that makes sense to you.

The Binder

Another easy organizer to make is the binder. You can buy the binder, the pages or inserts to hold your coupons and the tabs to categorize your coupons. The inserts can be three to eight pocket plastic sheets, similar to the inserts in baseball card binders, or those used in photo albums. The binders can fit in the seat part of the grocery cart for your easy access, but some will find the larger sized organizer awkward and clumsy to maneuver.

The beauty of the binder is the ability to not only store coupons in categories but also be able to view multiple coupons all at once. The idea is that you can visually identify the coupon you want, rather than leafing through a lot of coupons in a particular category.

Ready Made Organizers

Organizers cost from $5 to $50 and the larger organizers are usually some form of binder, but large purse size organizers are available also. Some of these are waterproof and have separate folds to organize your receipts. Anyone who has searched for receipts to complete rebate requirements understands the benefit of this added feature to the coupon organizer.

The purse size grocery coupon organizer is usually the size of a clutch purse with many folds in which to place your coupons. This type of organizer is easy to carry but you will need to thumb through the category selections to find a particular coupon. A nice feature of this type of organizer is that you can place cash or credit cards in the purse-like organizer and you can hang some organizers on the grocery carts.

Organizing the Organizers

Setting up the grocery coupon organizer is as personal as choosing the style and type, but you need to arrange the coupons in an order that makes sense to you. Some people who shop at the same store weekly arrange their coupons in the same order as the products in the aisles of the store. You also can arrange them alphabetically by product or alphabetically by brand.

Your grocery coupon organizer would begin with general headings such as "Aisle 1" if you choose to arrange your coupons according to the store floor plan. Under that category, you would file your coupons beginning with the first products that you encounter. Some people also further organize by arranging each product by expiration date, while others organize their coupons solely by expiration date. It may seem like a lot of work but once you have established your own filing system, it will save you hours of frantic searching over the long haul.

A grocery coupon organizer is not limited to a clunky unattractive receptacle for your money saving newspaper or online coupon clippings. The organizers come in various sizes and styles to fit your taste and you always have the option to create your own. If couponing is part of your shopping routine, an organizer is close to a necessity to get the most from your coupon efforts.

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