Glass Storage Containers

Ever since they invented glass, people have used glass storage containers, as they are an extremely versatile and safe material for storage. As multi-utility items, glass containers are easy to clean and, as most glass is transparent, you can locate whatever you want without having to open the container. They are versatile, reusable, eco-friendly and free of chemicals and, if kept properly, last for years without any deterioration in quality.

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In the Kitchen

Glass containers are popular in the kitchen as they look attractive and the foods inside are visible. Pyrex and other heatproof glass containers can go from freezer to microwave or oven and to the table. You can use some glass containers on the stovetop, although you have to check with the label instructions.

Glass is safe to use, easy to clean with mild detergent and water, and does not retain odors. Most glass containers come with attractive plastic or glass lids.

Glass containers can store dry goods like ready to eat cereal, uncooked cereals, pasta, grains, flours, sugar, tea bags, coffee, beans, lentils, salt, spices and more. They can store raw and cooked foods as well. You can use the long jars and bottles for pickling, preserves and sauces, but more importantly, glass is free from chemicals and it does not react with acids in foods, so your food is safe.

The negative with glass is that it breaks, which can cause a dangerous mess, in addition glass is often heavy, though now you can buy lightweight glass containers. While some glass containers may be stackable, the weight increases a great deal and it may not be wise to stack glass containers on wire racks, acrylic or plastic shelves which may warp with the weight.

Glass Storage Containers with Lids

While you can buy open storage containers, most glass storage containers do better with lids to protect the contents from dust and dirt. Glass containers can come with a variety of lids, such as:

  • Glass
  • Steel
  • Plastic
  • Cork

Many of the lids form tight seals that protect the items and preserve them for some time and some lids are such that the containers are stackable. Often larger jars or containers come with lids that form a tight seal.

Glass Storage Containers in other Rooms

Apart from major use in the kitchen, glass containers can find a place in other rooms as well. In the bathroom a few glass containers container containing items like pot pourri, soap cakes or cotton balls give a decorative look to the bathroom. In the dining room, glass containers layered with spices add a decorative touch or you can fill a jar with colored candies or covered chocolates.

Glass bottles or decanters can house your liquors and liqueurs and add to the overall look of a bar or bar area. Wide-topped jars can store nuts or other snacks to go with drinks. Large glass bottles or oddly shaped glass containers can make a bottle or jar garden and decorate your house.

You do not have to use plain glass as you can choose colored glass, beveled glass and glass with engravings, with accents or vintage glass containers that you can buy to add accents to particular areas of your house.

Etsy and the Container Store have a range of vintage looking glass containers, which reflect old-fashioned designs, while others actually belong to the bygone era. At antique and pre-owned stores or even in flea markets and garage sales, you may hit upon interesting and valuable glass storage containers.

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