Gift Wrap Storage

Gift wrap storage is an excellent way to store the wrapping paper and other supplies that you gather. You can also save money if you buy gift-wrapping supplies during the off-season when they are on sale and store them until you need them. When you recycle your gift wrap, you not only have a range options from which to choose but you also save money that you would otherwise spend on buying fresh gift wrapping items, which are increasingly expensive. As a bonus, you are making green decisions and taking care of the environment.

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Unwrap Gifts Carefully

When you and family members get gifts on special occasions and during the festive season, if you take a bit of care while unwrapping the gifts, you can certainly reuse the paper, ribbons and ornaments. You can roll the paper around a long cardboard tube or you can simply fold it carefully for safekeeping. If the gifts come in bags or boxes, you can save and reuse these by slitting the tape carefully and removing the ornamental decorations.

With a medium heat setting, you can iron cloth ribbons and plain paper on the reverse side, and if any sticky tape marks are on the paper, you simply cut them from the paper. Gift wrap storage of polythene or cellophane wrap is easier as you can roll it with minimal effort and any creases in it will disappear with time.

Keep Supplies Neatly

It is useless to save left over paper to reuse or to buy new wrapping months in advance, if you have no place to store it safely. Apart from paper, you may also have various boxes or bags, ribbons, gift cards, tape and other embellishments for your gifts, and some gift wrap storage solutions include:

  • Take a box or plastic basket that you can stow under the bed, in a closet or wherever space is available and easily accessible. Put your rolls of paper in it along with ribbons, tapes and scissors, all ideally stowed in a clear plastic box.
  • Use a metal pail to hold scissors, tape and other small gift-wrapping accessories.
  • Use a hanging shoe organizer that can hang on a wall or in a closet, which will keep your inventory neat and protected.
  • Buy a readymade hanging storage organizer or a large narrow box to keep your materials, depending on the space you have available.
  • You can also make your own gift wrap storage area by putting some removable rods to hold your paper rolls and ribbons.
  • Wire racks mounted on a door or inside a deep closet door also help organize your stock.

It is also important to replenish your gift-wrapping supplies as you use them, so that you do not run out in an emergency.

Other Wrapping Ideas

You can save and reuse gift bags of cardboard, paper or cloth. You can buy bags in different sizes and colors and keep them with your supplies, as bags are easy to use and you can put assorted and odd shaped items in them. These should be flattened out and stored in clear plastic boxes. If you do get boxed gifts, you may want to save the boxes for reuse as well. Shoeboxes also make excellent gift containers and boxes can be decorated with any craft supplies if required or simply gift-wrapped.

You do not need a lot of space to organize your gift wrap storage inventory. Even if you have an empty drawer or cupboard shelf, you can use it to keep your gift-wrapping stores neat. You can buy ready to use organizers, make your own or simply use boxes or baskets for storage.

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