Garden Tool Storage

You need many tools to work in the garden and to house all these, garden tool storage is invaluable. You can’t really have things lying around or kept in a garage in an untidy manner. Even if you are putting gardening supplies in a garage, you can place them in a box so they are protected and also reduce clutter in the garage.

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The Importance of a Storage for Garden Tools

Photo courtesy of Steven Snodgrass

A garden requires many small and big items. When working in a garden and keeping it looking good, you will need

  • Trowel
  • Spade
  • Shears
  • Potting soil
  • Fertilizers
  • Plant food
  • Seeds or bulbs
  • Pesticides

If you think that a storage box is used only to store gardening accessories, you could not be more wrong, People use these boxes to keep outdoor games items like sports equipment, racquets, balls, bats, Frisbees, toys, pool supplies, barbecue stuff, games and even shoes. Hoses and pipes may also be put in these boxes.

Other Kinds of Garden Storage Available

The various types of garden tool storage include:

  • Sheds
  • Wall hanging racks
  • Stand-alone racks
  • Boxes

You can get a variety of storage solutions for organizing your garden tools and miscellaneous. These might be made of:

  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Rattan
  • Plastic
  • Resin
  • Polypropylene


Garden Storage Boxes

You can get vertical storage boxes or squat large ones. While smaller boxes can provide seating, you can even get boxes which are attached to benches so the storage box does double duty. The tops of long storage boxes may come with seating/cushions. Green and brown boxes match with the plants, but you can get storage boxes in a variety of colors.

When buying metal or wood storage boxes make sure that they are water resistant, can take the wear and tear of changing weather and the ravages of sunlight. Plastic and resin boxes are lightweight and are more resistant to weather and water, though they do get affected by sunlight over time. The colors start to fade the plastic may get brittle. If you do buy plastic or similar boxes, try and get those which are UV resistant, crack proof and will last a long time.

Using the Boxes

If you do a lot of work on and in your garden, you must place the storage box where it is easily accessible. A great deal of gardening work is done sitting down and it becomes difficult to keep on getting up and going to get necessary gardening stuff, If you find yourself doing that, you may do well with a small garden box on wheels, which you will find easy to take with you whichever part of the garden you are working on.

Large boxes are best placed in a shady area where you can even sit down when tired or taking a break. Unless you have sturdy fencing around your house, it is a good idea to get boxes which you can lock, particualary if you keep expensive items in them. These boxes are out of the house, so not under lock and key otherwise.

Garden tool storage help in organizing necessities and reducing clutter. They make things easier to find, and so result in reduced wastage of time and effort.

While most garden storage is suitable for long-handled implements, you can even get a garden box, to hold those items without long handles. Depending on your requirements and extra storage even in the garden can be put to good use.

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