Garage Toy Storage

A garage toy storage system is a great tool if you are like many parents who find it difficult to throw out old toys your children no longer use. Your garage is a great place to spirit away some toys for a few months to reintroduce them to your children at a later time. You just have to have a storage system in place or the kid’s toys will overtake grownups toys, like your car and your ATV.

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While few storage systems are designed specifically for storing your children’s toys in the garage, an endless supply of storage systems for things like tools and other hardware a repairperson might need are available. Nearly all of these storage systems work just fine for a garage toy storage system.

Different Storage Systems for Different Needs

Once you have decided on the toys to keep, it is time to decide what garage toy storage system is right for you. Here are some popular choices from the simple to the complex:

  • Wall Control Storage Systems- Wall Control offers a metal pegboard system that is sturdy enough to hold shelves that are laden with some of the heavier children’s toys. Many people think of pegboard as just a place for dad to hang his tools and he may still when the kids are out of the house. Wall Control’s steel pegboards come with two 16” x 32” panels per package and come in nine colors for about $45 per package.
  • The Family Handyman- This company has a great wooden do-it-yourself storage system that is a combination of closed shelving and open shelving perfect for toys of any size and weight. offers step by step instructions online. This is a do-it-yourself project and you have to have the necessary tools to complete it. You will need things like an air compressor, nail gun, drill, various wrenches and screwdrivers, drill bits, and a circular saw. This is not a project for beginners and the cost is over $500.
  • Prepac Elite Garage Storage System- Prepac offers you the flexibility to put up one small wall cabinet or throw together a grouping of cabinets in all shapes and sizes. Prepac has an 8-foot grouping of various sized and shaped cabinets for only $1,457.95. Your garage will look great with these pristine white storage cabinets.
  • White Rabbit- For those who would like to take advantage of their services, White Rabbit has specially trained garage storage designers that will work with you to take full advantage of your garage space and they offer:
  1. Over 200 styles of garage storage cabinets
  2. Pegboard and slat wall systems for garages
  3. Garage Storage Shelves
  4. Sports racks for garages
  5. Bike storage systems for garages
  6. Garage work benches
  7. Garage Flooring

If you are not looking for any permanent garage toy storage cabinetry or shelving for the kid’s toys you can find just about any container for toys at stores like Target. You can find bins made from different textiles, as well as plastic, metal or wood. Whether you are looking for something that stacks, rolls or just stands alone you can find it here.

Target, for example, always has a great selection in child friendly colors like shades of blue, pink, green, red, yellow and much more. Their containers are lightweight yet sturdy, are easily carried or rolled from garage to playroom, and back again. You can find something for any budget with some costing as little as $6.


When it comes to storing things in your garage it’s a good idea to choose something that will be great for children when they are at home and great for you when they no longer need their toys stored in your garage. Most any garage toy storage system can be made to double as a tools storage system when the kids have outgrown their toys. If you are installing something permanent like a system of shelves and cabinets, it is a good idea to find something versatile.

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