Garage Storage Systems

Choosing the right mixture of garage storage systems is the key to organizing your things. The sheer range of items from small tools to big sports equipment means that just installing a shelving system or cabinets will not successfully store everything. You need a good variety that will allow you to store all shapes, sizes and weights as well as making sure that the things that you use most frequently are the most easily accessible.

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Cabinet Systems

The most popular storage systems for the garage are those based around cabinets. These may not, and in some cases should not, be like the ones that you would find in your kitchen. Having a few wall mounted units could be a good way to get some of the smaller tools or boxes of screws out of the way, but on the whole you want to be thinking about metal fronted, roll top cabinets, which come with a lock and key.

UltiMate makes the best cabinet garage storage systems on the market at the moment. You can get personalized systems where you specify the number and size of cabinets for a higher cost, but you can also get set designs for a much cheaper price.

For example, the 10-piece system will cost just over $1,700 and take up 15 feet of wall space. However, it provides you with high and low storage as well as a good variety of tall and small storage spaces. The main reason to buy it is the safety features of the easy close doors and drawers. They are all on runners that close when you push them gently, which keeps everything safe. The design also gives you a great amount of workspace.

Overhead Systems

Most garages are taller than a single story, meaning that a lot of vertical space is available to use. While you may not have immediate access to anything that is stored towards the roof of the garage, it is a great place to put those tools and sports equipment that you do not use for months at a time. Just make sure you also invest in a ladder for when the time comes to bring it down.

If you decide to look at overhead garage storage systems, you should think about choosing a HyLoft system. They are not necessarily the cheapest on the market but the galvanized steel framework means that you will be able to store a lot more weight than the usual wire frame and aluminum struts used by other companies. The unique feature is that the struts are completely height adjustable so you can adapt the system to meet your storage needs.

Workspace Based Systems

If you tend to use your garage as a workshop, then garage storage systems that incorporate a good amount of solid workspace are essential. Workspaces represent a large amount of wasted space in most garages, so you should look at products made by 2x4basics®.

These products from 2x4basics® come in completely customizable sets of workbenches and plastic struts for support. This means that you can combine the benches to make shelves as well as giving you a large workspace. The slotted plastic struts also mean that you can alter the height of your workbench to meet the needs of the project as well as to store different size tools and projects.


A series of hooks can automatically add up to 10% more space to any of the mentioned garage storage systems. A typical set by Rubbermaid will attach either by hooking onto the racks or sticking to the side of cabinets. This will allow you to store lots of dangling tools and material in accessible places for a small investment. You will just have to make sure that your tools have holes or places to attach string so that you can make use of the hooks.

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