Garage Storage Ideas

It is easy to find a wide range of garage storage ideas so your research needs to focus on how you use your garage. Obviously, whichever system you use, you will most likely have to make sure that your car will fit in the garage too. This may rule out any kind of big bulky cabinet systems, however, some people choose to use their garage solely for storage, which means that you can be a lot more flexible with your ideas.

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Too Many Tools

One of the major uses for a garage is as a workspace for home improvement projects. If this is how you use your garage space, you need some garage storage ideas to help you keep all your tools organized and out of the way. Some simple ideas that are easy to implement include:

  • Pegboard – Installing one sheet of pegboard that has evenly spaced drilled holes will allow you to hang most tools safely. You can also buy a selection of hooks and poles for those tools with big handles or that are too heavy to just hang from the pegboard.
  • Mechanic’s toolbox – Anyone who has ever watched a mechanic at work will be familiar with their big standing toolboxes that have slide out drawers. You can use these in your own garage too, and then you are able to group and organize your tools by the frequency of use or their utility.
  • Wall mounted cabinets – The trick to good tool storage in your garage is to make sure that everything has its own place and is easily accessible. Cabinets that fix into the wall are one of the best garage storage ideas as you can use them for a variety of purposes, not just for tools.

Put Away the Play Things

Many families use the garage as a space to store garden and outdoor toys for easy access. These items are often bulky meaning that unless you have a good system, the garage is quickly disorganized and cluttered.

The best garage storage ideas for tidying away toys are those that allow the children to take responsibility for their own mess. The most common system uses a series of large plastic buckets in which the kids can just throw their toys. It is easy and quick, and if you buy ones on wheels, the kids can take the whole bucket outside themselves.

Excess Sports Equipment

Seasonal items like skis, softball equipment, and bikes often end up in the garage to avoid cluttering up the house. Again, they tend to be bigger items meaning they can get in the way and you will need to look after them carefully so they are not damaged. The best idea is to use the height of your garage for storage and invest in some high-level shelves or hooks. You may need a ladder to get the equipment down when it is the right time of year, but for the nine months that you are not using it, it can be out of sight and out of mind.

Before you start to invest in garage storage ideas, you should have a close look at what you are trying to organize. Often people will just stick stuff in their garage to get it out of the house, so you should have a look at what is stored to see if you actually want to keep it. The chances are that if it does not belong in your house, it does not belong in your garage. Once you are rid of any unwanted junk, you can then look at what is left and decide on the best garage storage system for your needs.

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