Freezer Storage Containers

Freezer storage containers play an important role in keeping your freezer space organized. Shops have entire sections devoted to storage containers and you can even buy them online.

What You Should Look For In Freezer Containers

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Many different kinds of freezer containers can be used. You should look for packaging material which is:

  • Freezer safe - as the freezer reaches very low temperatures
  • BPA and other toxic chemicals free - particularly if you are removing food from the freezer and putting it to cook in the same container
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Air tight
  • Moisture resistant
  • Vapor and odor proof
  • Grease proof
  • Water proof
  • Transparent
  • Food grade plastic
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable

All these elements are important because you are dealing with food, which is otherwise a perishable commodity. You don’t want your food to suffer from freezer burn, get oxidized or turn rancid. Some foods react with some materials and cause chemicals to leach out; for instance, acidic foods are best stored in glass or silicone.

Materials Used For Freezer Containers

You can’t simply use any material for storing food in the freezer. Special freezer packaging materials are used for storing various kinds of food.

Plastic containers that are transparent, made of rigid plastic and with tightly sealable lids, are a good bet for maximizing freezer space. You can get these in different shapes and sizes and they are easily stackable. It is a good idea to buy them even in smaller sizes to freeze small portions of leftover foods.

Disposable aluminum pans are great when you have take frozen food or give it away. You can get them in many different sizes.

Freezer bags protect the food and are especially good for flattish foods. Make sure there is nothing sharp that will tear the bag. They are versatile for raw foods.

Freezer wrap is like cling film, but thicker, for better freezing of food.

Aluminum foil can be used for small individual items or portions, particularly of dry food items as liquids can spill out.

Silicone pans are versatile as they can go from freezer to oven.

Freezer paper can be used for rigid items, if you wrap them tightly.

Disposable plastic containers should not be reused or put from the freezer to the microwave unless they are food grade.

Glass containers which are safe for oven use like Pyrex are safe to use. In fact, once they are washed out, they do not retain any odors and clean easily.

Stainless steel containers are safe to use and versatile but as they are not transparent, you need to label them. Plus, you will have to thaw the food in them as you cannot put steel in the microwave and it cannot go in a regular oven, either.

The Importance of Good Freezer Containers

Whether you buy your food items, grow your own produce, or want to freeze cooked food, the freezer can help you make the most of your time. Ready-made meals can be taken out of the freezer and, after heating, are ready to eat. You can make your own meals or buy them in cooked or raw state from the supermarket. If you are having a party, you can start work early and freeze the food, so you are not stressed on the day of the party.

If you manage your freezer well, you can minimize your cooking time and make double portions, so you always have food in the freezer. When you use the proper containers, with labeling, you will know what is where and be able to find things quickly. The right kind of freezer storage containers will ensure that your food stays fresh and tasty as the day you made it.

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