Firewood Storage

When it comes to firewood storage, not only is it important to have a convenient place to store the wood, but you need a safe place as well. If you have ever had a fireplace, you have probably made more than one long trip to the woodbin on a freezing night. The better way is with the right storage.

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House Storage

If you have the space, storing firewood in your house is very convenient and can be very stylish as well. You no longer have to settle for an old plywood bin next to your wood stove or fire place. When it comes to designing your storage place you are only limited by your imagination. Here are some very creative in-home firewood storage ideas:

  • The Urn- You can clean up any old brass, copper, or other metal urn lying around as these large urns make great looking firewood containers. Not only are they beautiful, but they are a very safe way to store wood inside your house.
  • Wall Storage- if you have the wall space you can get very creative here as well. You can get large circular shelves of varying sizes and depths that can be stacked side by side or vertically. Mixing different sizes looks great.
  • The Recliner- has a two-piece organic shaped recliner that stores wood under the chair portion as well as the legs and feet part. Not only does it look great, but it’s comfortable as well.
  • The V-Shape- Resting on a firm steel base are four flexible poles, two on each side of the platform. The poles are flexible enough to provide a gradual outward curve as the wood pushes against the flexible poles. You end up with a tall shapely V of firewood.
  • Wall Circular- This is a 4-5 foot high circular shelf with a depth of about 18 inches. The inside of the circle is sectioned off to create space for different sizes of logs. It also creates a very attractive firewood storage place.

Important Things to Remember

If you decide to store your firewood outdoors, you can still have something more fashionable than the traditional woodshed. Before you buy or make your own storage here are some things to remember:

  • If your firewood rests on the ground, it will rot. Keep it from decomposing by elevating it even just a little. Wood pallets are great for this.
  • Circulation is also important. Once your firewood is cut and split, air circulation and the sun seasons your wood as quickly as possible. Green firewood should be stored in both the sun and the wind.
  • Location is also very important for your firewood storage. While it’s convenient to have your wood close to your house, if too close you could have a pest problem. It can be near your house, just not right up against it.

Outdoor Storage Ideas

You know the saying, “One man’s trash is another’s treasure” and it applies as you look to see what is available to store your wood:

  • Look around and see what you or your neighbors may have that is not being used. Those old sturdy trunks from decades past can make great looking rustic firewood storages.
  • The Traditional Shed- Sheds store firewood after processing. They should be built with 3 sides and a roof to keep the wood dry. Firewood will still dry in a shed but it takes a long time. It helps to partially dry your wood before putting it in a shed.
  • The Rack- A lot of styles of metal racks allow you to both season and dry your wood as well as store it out of the elements for when you need it. Not only do they keep your wood off the ground, but the roll away tarp keeps the rain and snow off your dry wood. They come in many different sizes and are easy to move to different locations when empty.

Finding a Balance

When it comes to firewood storage you have to find a balance between the location being convenient as well as being safe. It’s important to store your firewood in a manner that allows it to season as well as dry out. The ideal outdoor shelter will allow for both. Inside you have to strike a balance between something that looks great but is safe as well, and many creative ways accomplish that.

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