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When it comes to a file organizer there are about as many different kind of organizers as there are ways to organize your files.

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Two Basic Types

One of the first things you have to do is decide where your files should be kept. Can your files all be kept online or do you need a hard copy instead. Many people feel it’s best to not only keep your files on line but to keep a hard copy elsewhere. The redundancy of doing both ensures that your files are always safe. If you have a fire that wipes out your hard copies at least you have them online. At the same time if you get a computer virus that wipes out those files at least you still have hard copies.

Organize your Files Online

If you have decided to store your files online you will need to decide just how you will go about doing that. Computers crash, get viruses, and sometimes get stolen. If you keep important files on an external hard drive or a thumb or flash drive you will still have them absent your computer. You can however lose hard drives and flash drives as well. It’s not a bad idea to email yourself all your files and do so with new ones every month. That way if you lose your computer or any external devices you have information on you will still have that information.

Online storage sights are fine but many cost money to store your files. Should you run into financial hardship and can no longer afford the monthly fees you’re stuck unless you emailed your files.

Best File Organizers

Innovative Storage Designs 3-Tier File Organizer- this is a very simple durable clear plastic step-up organizer that looks great and is easy to access your files from. You can store it in your deep desk drawers, on your desk, in a file cabinet, or even mounted on a wall. Step-up compartments make frequently used files easy to find. This organizer retails for under $20.

Rackitfile Vertical Paper Organizer- this is a great way to organize letter, legal papers, 12x 12 papers or any size you have hanging folders for. The Rackitfile mounts easily to most surfaces and comes with particle board screws, drywall anchors and a mounting template with instructions. The Rackitfile has these features:

  • Sturdy steel construction
  • 2 pieces - left and right, plus screws and drywall anchors
  • 22 rungs for hanging
  • Rails are 6" wide x 12 ¾” high
  • Sides are individually mounted so you can use any size hanging folder

Seville Classics Office Desk Organizer, Platinum Mesh 6-Trays- get rid of the clutter in your office with this desk wall organizer. This unit is the perfect file organizer for storing bills, folders, files, and more. The office desk organizer can work as a standalone unit or you can mount it on a cubicle wall. The Seville has these features:

  • Dimensions are 12.8-Inch D by 9.4-Inch W by 15.8-Inch H
  • Mesh letter tray desk wall organizer
  • Champagne platinum finish.
  • 6 Letter trays of wire mesh
  • Wall mount accessories included

Professional Solutions- they offer online document storage and organization. Security is extremely important and without an Electronic Document Management System (EDMS), very risky. On the average It costs $120.00 to find a misplaced file. Here are some benefits of online storage and organization:

  • Raise your productivity and lower your costs
  • You’ll never lose another file
  • Find any document or electronic file immediately
  • Disaster recovery solution
  • Meet regulatory compliance requirements
  • You can find documents from anywhere in the world
  • Better customer service

The Importance of Organization

Anyone who has misplaced a file knows just how frustrating it can be finding that lost file. It costs time which in the end cost you money as you search for files. It can also mean lost revenue from losing clients due to a lack of a file organizer if you have your own business that depends on files.

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