Easy Track Closet Organizer

For all the do-it-yourself people, the easy track closet organizer is perfect for organizing your closet space. Easy track organizers come in an array of configurations so it is not hard to find a system that will fit your closet. Here are some of the top easy track systems:

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Easy Track’s 4- to 8-Foot Closet Organizer Starter Kit

This kit is designed for fast and simple installation with all hardware included. Add on Easy Track accessories such as drawers, tie racks and wire baskets that are sold separately, for a truly customized closet.

  • 4- to 8-foot expandable closet organizer starter kit in clean, attractive white finish
  • Includes two 24-inch shelves, one 24-inch rod, four 35-inch rods, two 48-inch easy track rail, and four 48-inch vertical panels
  • Sturdy industrial-grade panels with recycled wood fiber core; rails support 1200 pounds over an 8-foot span
  • Mix and match components and accessories for a customized closet
  • Quick and easy to install; all hardware included

Easy Track RV1472 Closet Hanging Tower Closet Organizer Kit

White, 72-Inch. It is simple. Thanks to Easy Track's one-of-a-kind rail system, installing your custom closet is easy, you just hang the rail and you are ready to install the parts. In addition, the easy-to-use starter kits and accessories allow you to mix and match components as much as you need.

  • Use with Starter Unit RB1448 or alone.
  • It's easy to add shelves, drawers, baskets, or rods to customize your closet
  • Kit includes three 24-inch shelves, one 24-inch wardrobe rod, one 32-inch easy track rail and two 72-inch vertical panels.
  • Hardware Pack RH1004 includes 16 shelf pins, eight screws and eight covers.
  • Drawer 4-inch RD2404 or 8-inch RD2408 is included.

Martha Stewart Easy Track Closet 72-Inch Hanging Tower Closet Organizer Kit, Cherry #RV1472-C

For those who enjoy the elegance of wood, the Martha Stewart Easy Track Closet Organizer is the perfect choice. You can easily add shelves, drawers, baskets or rods to customize your closet. Cherry wood looks great in your closet and it is easy to install.

  • Kit includes three 24 shelves RS1423 (2180-2103) or RS1423-C (2180-2111)
  • One 24 wardrobe rod RR1024 (2180-2053) or RR1024-C (2180-2061)
  • One 32 easy track rail
  • Two 72 vertical panels. Hardware Pack RH1004 (2180-2004)
  • 16 shelf pins 8 screws and 8 covers

Easy Track® Deluxe Starter Closet Kit (RB1460)

This Easy Track closet organizer is designed to fit all closets from 4 to 8 feet. It is simple, elegant and easy to put up yourself.

  • Fits 4' to 8' closets
  • Includes all hardware and instructions
  • White laminate shelves and panels
  • Kit includes: Three shelves, two 48" vertical panels, two 72" vertical panels, four 35" rods (white vinyl coated steel), and one 23" rod

Do-it-Yourself or Not

When it comes to the Easy Track closet organizer, you can go for something simple to do yourself or you can get something complex and have professionals come in to your home and install it for you. Most companies selling closet organizers offer free in home consultations. This is a good idea if you are buying one of the more complex wood organizing systems, but with a more simple wire system, the average do-it-yourselfer can put one up in a few hours.

Design it Yourself

For those of you who really want a hands on experience you can go to the Easy Track website and use their easy to use design software and in 3D design your own easy track closet organizer. You, then, can look through their different offerings and order the components to fit the closet you just designed.

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