Drawer Organizers

Drawer organizers are very important if you currently dump everything into any available drawer, creating a disorganized mess. With organizers, you can put everything in its proper place, making whatever you want easier to find. Organizers optimize drawer space in cupboards, in bedrooms, bathrooms, garages and kitchens.

Drawers are very useful whether they are standalone as in a chest of drawers or part of a closet or cupboard, but they lose their usefulness if you clutter them. Using organizers saves time and eliminates stress as when you need something, you can easily find it instead of searching frantically through drawer upon drawer.

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In a bedroom drawer, you can section the organizer to keep handkerchiefs, underwear, socks, ties and other small items. If you have large and deep drawers you can even put in a number of stackable and sectioned trays. In the kitchen, you can use the organizer to separate your cutlery and knives. In the dressing table, organizers can keep your make-up and brushes clean and easily accessible.

Organizers find a great deal of use to keep stationery items at home or in the office neatly separated in drawers. For hobbyists, these organizers are of great use to store small items safely, yet keep them available. You can store easily threads, ribbons, scissors and other items and you will be able to find and use them when you want.

Different Drawer Organizers

Organizers for drawers come in various sizes as they may be narrow or deep and are made of different materials, such as:

  • Metal mesh
  • Clear plastic
  • Wood
  • Acrylic
  • Steel
  • Felt

In its simplest form, the organizer is made of sectioned wood or plastic exactly fitting into the drawer. You use this organizer when the drawer is not very deep and you can separate items according to type.

Some kinds of organizers are interlocking so when if you need a larger organizer than the one you are using, you simply purchase another to expand to the size you need. Readymade organizers of different sizes and shapes are available for your drawers and when they are removable, they are easy to clean as well.

Choosing Materials


If you can work with wood, you can make your own sectioned drawer organizers with wood. Wood is easy to fit exactly into the drawers. You can also get ready organizers that you can trim and divide to custom fit the space. Depending on the size of the wood, it can be heavy and you must keep it dry.

Plastic drawer organizers are lightweight and often available in a variety of colors. As plastic is water resistant it is a better option for kitchen and other places like the bathroom where it is damp. Plastic is lightweight and easy to clean as well.

Felt drawer inserts keep silver ware safe and free from scratches. Felt organizers in drawers are also used to keep jewelry separated and easy to find.

Metal organizers find use in the office and also in the kitchen, provided the metal is rust proof and polished. Mesh organizers are an alternative to solid metal which can be heavy. Mesh organizers are also easy to see through so work well if you need two or more layers.

Drawers are great because they open outwards and you do not have to put your head inside, as you have to do with deep cupboards. However, it is very easy to use drawers as catch-all places and then have a problem when you are unable to find what you need, when you need it, wasting a great deal of time and effort. When you use drawer organizers properly, you use the available space efficiently, and you can quickly see the contents of the drawer and grab what you need.

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