Dog Food Storage Containers

Choosing the right dog food storage containers can keep the food fresh longer. You will most likely need two sets of containers with one for the day to day usage that you can quickly access and one for longer term containment if you like to buy in bulk. The type of food you feed your dog will also have a big impact on the kind of containers you buy as you will need different materials to store wet and dry dog food.

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Dry Food Storage


Storing dry dog food is the easier option of the two because you can buy in bulk without worrying about it going bad and then store it in airtight containers for as long as you need. For bulk orders, your best dog food storage containers will be large dustbins with lids that can be secured. This is in part to make a good seal to keep the food fresh but also to keep your dog from finding it and making themselves sick or fat from overeating.

Top Paw makes the best of these storage containers and the best of their brand is the Airtight Pet Food Storage Container. You access the food from the top and it comes on castor wheels to allow you to move it around without hurting yourself. The only downside is that they are fairly expensive, so for a cheaper option you could look at Iris products instead.

Day to Day Dry Food Storage

For the day-to-day usage, you will want dog food storage containers that are a little smaller and that have easy to access lids. You could buy ones where the whole lid comes off every time you want to get the food or ones with a hinged lid that gives you access to just the right amount of food. The hinged option is more popular as it stops unwanted muzzles getting into the food for a snack. Just make sure that the gap is big enough to get your scoop in and out without spilling food everywhere.

When you are looking for these, keep an eye out for Bergen stackable storage bins. They measure less than one foot off the ground making them ideal for table or shelf storage. The hinged doors snap shut making sure that they are safe from children and dogs alike. They cost around $25 per unit and are designed to stack one on top of another.

Wet Food Storage

It is a much harder job to store large supplies of wet food for a long time. Overall, most wet food comes in cans so it’s more a question of making sure that you have enough shelving space in your pantry. However, at some of the wholesale stores, you can buy wet food in big bags, which presents you with a storage problem once you have opened it.

The key is to buy many small dog food storage containers that are airtight and hold around one meal, or even a one-day portion of food. For storing wet food, you should look at Gamma Vittles Vaults, as they are one of the few containers on the market that offers completely airtight products. They have screw on lids instead of the usual snap or push down meaning that your wet food will last much longer. They range from $30 to $70 depending on size.


Even with dry food, a time comes when you will need to clean out the container, as the food will slowly start to degrade and eventually rot over time. One of the big drawbacks of a large storage bin is that it is very hard to clean and even harder to dry.

Smaller containers are easier to clean but you will also need to avoid ones that have awkward crevices under the lid or in the corners. You should think about buying two similar size dog food storage containers so that you can have a spare one to use while your main container air-dries.

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