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You should get a desk organizer if your desk at home or office is always messy and untidy. You may well be tempted to simply put everything out of sight in a desk drawer (or drawers if there is a lot of clutter on the desk top), but then you are going to have a problem finding what you need when you need it. Plus the mess will simply have shifted place. You need a more permanent solution to keep your desk organized and clutter free.

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All too often, when you have an untidy desk, you also have difficulty concentrating on your work. A neat and clean environment is more conducive to thinking and following through. Once your desk is organized, you will also become more productive.

Files, Papers And Stationery

Whether your desk is big or small, if you add a few items to sort out and keep your stuff, you will immediately reduce clutter. Simple organizer tools for your desks are

  • A tray or file holder for inbox
  • Another for outbox
  • A third for mail that needs attention
  • A waste paper basket to throw away unwanted paper (or you can keep it in a box for recycling, if it does not contain any sensitive information)
  • A place to keep all your reading material
  • A holder for pending files
  • A stationery holder

You can get a three-tiered paper holder and label each one inbox, outbox and mail. All the paper should be immediately sorted out and kept in the correct slot. A large organizer with slots, called a file organizer, can keep the files that relate to current work at hand.

Stationery holders should be large enough to keep all the necessary things in order – pens, pencils, clips, stapler, paper punch, adhesive, business cards and other small items. You can get them as trays with compartments them, so you can see everything at a glance.

Organizers For Your Desk

These supplies are available at stationery shops, home stores and office supply shops. You can get desk accessories made of premium hand-crafted wood with engravings or designs, leather bound organizers, metal or plastic/acrylic ones, depending on your taste and budget.

Get the accessories according to the size of your desk and also your requirements. The kind you go in for will reflect your personal taste, your position at work (if you are buying them for the office) and your age. A younger person is more likely to go in for funky accessories, an older person for classic designs.

Step By Step to Clearing Your Desk

Take out some time to this work as you will require the time to go through the papers more than anything else.

1. Remove everything from your desk.

2. Go through all the papers and sort them out, putting them neatly in the designated trays.

3. If your files are messy, put them together and place them neatly in the file holder.

4. Put all your stationery items in the tray.

5. Clean your empty desk and put all the items on it, arranging them neatly.

When you buy matching accessories they will give your desk a pulled together look. You can go in for all leather, all wood or all metal. You can actually get these in sets so you don’t really need to waste a lot of time buying items separately.

Once you have used desk organizers to declutter and organize your desk, it is important not to let it get messy again. Every time you go through papers, simply put them in the correct slot – but don’t keep procrastinating and attend to them at regular intervals.

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