Cosmetic Organizer

The handy cosmetic organizer provides an ideal solution for women who want to keep all their beauty aids in a neat, easy to find place. The sizes and shapes of these storage products vary depending on need. Some are tidy little bags for traveling, while others can be large traveling cases for the professional makeup artist.

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Practical reasons and benefits exist for finding and using the right type of storage for makeup. It is important to keep some of it dry as moisture can easily destroy powders and foundations, plus moisture can promote the growth of bacteria. They also need protection from continuous exposure to light and most importantly, heat.

Types of Cosmetic Storage

No matter what your style, a cosmetic organizer exists that will meet your needs. Most people are familiar with small pencil-type storage items that can fit in a handbag. These are ideal for carrying everyday items such as lipsticks, lips gloss, eyeliner and powder.

A bathroom counter overflowing with cosmetics with no sense of order is a common sight. The right type of cosmetic storage can turn a messy counter into a thing of beauty. Bathroom organizers for makeup include flip door types that you can use to store toiletries for everyday use. Other counter top organizers range from the basic to the most elaborate with compartments for just about anything in your beauty arsenal.

Cosmetic Organizer Reviews

Deciding which cosmetic organizer to buy can be a little tricky for many women. For those who are low maintenance and rarely use makeup it may be a little easier as their collection will probably be small. However, for some women, buying makeup is important and they want to make sure that it is accessible but also protected.

  • Lori Greiner Deluxe Wood Cosmetic Box, created by organization guru Lori Greiner, comes in oak, walnut and cherry. Its large size makes it ideal for storing a lot of makeup. The compartments make it easy to hold various types and sizes of cosmetics products. The lipstick slots alone can hold up to 30 different shades of lip color. These units come with or without mirrors, and the main disadvantage of these units is that they are heavy and are not suitable for moving around.
  • The Caboodles company manufactures various styles and sizes of storage for cosmetics and beauty products. The line includes storage and carrier units for the professional who wants to take all of her beauty tools to a job. These are large units which have handy compartments for foundation, powders, eye products, brushes and sponges and just about anything that a makeup artist needs. The company also has transparent vanity storage units for cabinets or counter tops. These make it easy to see at a glance where everything is.
  • LaPoche has a wide range of toiletry organizers to suit many different purposes. The organizers come in five attractive colors, namely, black, orange, blue, red and green. These have water-resistant lining, which helps to protect the contents and hooks on the handles allow users to conveniently hang them whenever they are needed. They come in large and medium, and both types can hold a lot of makeup. The smaller makeup organizer carries not only cosmetics but also has spaces for brushes and other important personal care items most women need. This also has a small, detachable inner purse that a woman can place in her handbag for those quick touch-up jobs.

Keepings things in easy reach is one of the reasons so many women make sure to own at least one cosmetic organizer. Being in a rush or having to search for the right shade lipstick or eye shadow can be frustrating and making mistakes can cause occasional accidents such as using a lip liner as eyeliner, which results in eye irritation. These storage devices make it easy to see what you need at a quick glance and make it easier to know when a favorite cosmetic item is running low and needs replacing.

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