Christmas Tree Storage Container

Investing in a Christmas tree storage container might cost you a small amount initially, but it will help you to save money in the end. If you are normally one of those who buy a tree every single year, you are effectively throwing your money away every time you chop it up in January.

Buying a fake tree saves you money over the years, but you need to have a way to keep it for the 11 months that it is not in use. A good storage container will help to keep it safe from harm, as well as making it easier to store.

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Key Qualities

You will find a surprising range of options when you are shopping for Christmas tree storage container. The market is full of different materials and sizes so you will need to think about where you are keeping it during the year to help you make a decision. Some key qualities that your storage container should definitely have:

  • Sturdy – Storing a Christmas tree can be a real pain as all of the branches can get in the way and aren’t a uniform size. The pointy ends will quickly destroy any thin cloth bags, so you will need something that is fairly sturdy, such as plastic coated cloth or solid plastic
  • Extra room – It can be very tempting to buy the smallest possible storage container to save money but nothing is more frustrating than pushing and squashing a tree into a tight space.
  • Lightweight – The chances are that you will be storing your tree above head height in the attic or in overhead storage in the garage. This means that you need to find a lightweight container as the added weight of the tree can make it surprisingly heavy.

Popular Options

While you can turn just about anything into a Christmas tree storage container, you will only find three main designs when you’re shopping around:

  • Plastic boxes – These often come with wheels to help you move it around. The design of the lid is also key, as you need it to protect against cold, damp and heat throughout the year. You can either buy hinged lids with clips or ones that come all the way off. If you have a large tree, you will probably want the fully removable lid so you have some extra room when you are packing it away. The market leader here is Iris, and you can get a box that will store up to a 9-foot tree for less than $90.
  • Duffel bags – The duffel bag offers you a greater amount of flexibility when you are cleaning up as well as offering a greater level of protection against sharp branches and needles. The only difficulty with them is that they are less secure than plastic boxes against dampness and are much more susceptible to mold. However, you can treat them with anti-mold spray each year to keep the bag fresh. They are much cheaper than plastic boxes and you should look at Whitmor, who sell big duffel bags for up to 11-foot trees for around $18 plus shipping.
  • Cardboard box – By far, the cheapest option for your Christmas tree storage container is a cardboard box. Do not be tricked into thinking that you will be able to fit the tree back into its original container to save money, as you will never be able squeeze it in the carton again. Buying a new larger box will not cost that much and is ideal if you have a fully dry and secure attic space for storage. Be aware that rodents can make quick work of a cardboard box leaving your tree useless for the next year.

The trick of selecting the right Christmas tree storage container is to choose the right tree that you can store easily. Figuring out where you can store your tree will help narrow your choices from the numerous trees and the storage containers available that will fit in that space.

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