China Storage Containers

China storage containers add style to your kitchen or dining area as you can display your beautiful china, crystal and glassware, which may be expensive or even heirloom pieces in an appropriate setting. Display cabinets keep your fragile items safe and viewable, especially if they have inbuilt lights or if you place them so that they get good light.

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Actual Storage


Sometimes you have china or other pieces, which need to be stored when you do not have enough space to display them or you are moving. In such cases you have to take care of your precious items so that they do not break, chip or get scratched. Among the items available for china storage containers are:

  • Microfiber storage sets
  • Quilted polyester storage sets
  • Quilted vinyl storage sets
  • Canvas storage bins with dividers for glasses and stemware

When you are storing your china, remember to use plate dividers or coffee filters in between dishes or plates that are stacked to prevent scratching. For stemware and crystal, you may consider using bubble wrap as an extra layer of protection.

Avoid storing heavy storage boxes one on top of the other as the added weight can damage delicate crockery and crystal.

If you are transporting fine tableware, be sure to put them in sturdy cartons, label the cartons fragile, and prominently mark which side is up.

China Storage Containers for Display

A range of beautiful display cabinets are available in different sizes. You can buy free standing units or storage units that you can put on the walls, leaving valuable floor space free. If you have space in your kitchen, you can use glass cabinets or cabinets with glass doors for display and put lights inside so your valuable and precious items add to the décor.

Cabinets can be modern or have an antique look, matching the items they are storing. You can even get sleek modern units of steel and glass that let in a lot of light and are great for storing delicate stemware and crystal. If the wooden cabinets have mirrors facing the open glass, they add reflecting light to the display pieces. You can get big units or small ones, depending on how many items you have and what you want to display.

How to Store China and Crystal

It is always a good idea to hand wash all your valuable items with a mild liquid detergent and water and dry them completely before storing them. This way they will be ready to use when you need them. If you keep them in the open without the protection of glass fronted cupboards, you will need to wash them often.

Even if you are putting glassware and crockery into china storage containers, all the pieces should be cleaned and dried before storage. You must remember to put the biggest and heaviest pieces down and put separators in between two pieces for best storage and less likelihood of chipping or scratches.

China that is gold rimmed, crystal which shows off the light, cut glass that reflects multi-colored hues, painted or engraved pieces can all be put on display. Some pieces may be inherited, others bought from flea markets, some may even be expensive modern designer pieces that all lend themselves for display. Items that are used all the time should be easy to remove.

Always put eye-catching pieces in the center of your display and surround them with smaller items. Arranging the pieces can take up a great deal of time until you are satisfied with the results. When you take care of your china and other items in the proper china storage containers they will last a long time and add to the décor of your house.

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