Broom Closet

As simple as it seems, a broom closet is an important part of any home. They serve many important purposes, chief of which is to help keep cleaning supplies together in orderly manner.

This type of storage helps in the organization of a home or business so that brooms and other similar items are out of sight. In homes with children, they are also a good way to keep dangerous cleaning chemicals out of their reach.

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Choosing the Right Type

Many factors go into selecting the best type of storage space in any building. Apart from the size of the space for installing or building one, you need to consider your budget. In general, the best places to have these are in the kitchen or laundry room or the garage if it has enough space to spare.

One reason for keeping broom cabinets away from certain areas of the home is to prevent the scent of chemicals and other cleaning supplies from reaching other areas. Installing locks will help to prevent children and pets from coming contact with harmful compounds.

Another decision that comes into play is whether to buy one readymade or have one custom built. A custom-built broom closet is more likely to be the exact size that the homeowner wants. Since many readymade types are generally not very wide, if the need exists to store bulky items such as a vacuum cleaner, building one to the required specification is a better option. Placing additional hooks inside can expand the amount of storage space you have available.

The length of the brooms that are in storage will also affect the type you choose. If you have any brooms that are longer than normal, this must factor into the decision. Many homeowners find alternate storage for the long brooms that you use for clearing the ceiling of cobwebs.


For homeowners who want to buy a readymade or do-it-yourself broom closet, knowing which brands are best helps make the buying process easier. Three readymade storage cabinets for cleaning implements and supplies are:

  • Prepac Elite Collection 16-Inch broom Cabinet is a do-it-yourself cabinet that comes in a size that will suit just about any homeowners’ needs. With two adjustable shelves that you can remove to make space for brooms and mops, this unit is suitable for both homes and offices. Sizes vary, but the 16 feet x 65 feet x 16 feet model means that more than adequate space is available for most storage needs.
  • Industrial Supplies line of janitorial cabinets comes in three different colors of light gray, putty and dark gray. This makes it possible to find one suitable for the color schemes in many homes and businesses. The standard size of these units is 30 inches x 15 inches x 66 inches. Their sturdy steel construction allows them to hold approximately 85 pounds of weight easily. This company also ships these units already assembled.
  • Elite 65-inches Tall cabinet and Broom Closet is a 16 inches x 65 inches x 16 inches laminated composite wood unit, that is suitable for installing in various areas around the house. It is possible to remove the middle shelves to make space for tall brooms and other items that may be difficult to store. The Elite storage cabinet comes in eight different units allowing for additional height of up to 89 inches. Depending on needs, the user can place additional units side-by-side to increase available storage space.

The right broom closet can add to the aesthetics of the location if the color and design are attractive. Placing them in out of the way places sometimes works, but this is not always possible. The good thing about either custom-made or DIY cabinets is that a good carpenter can modify them to suit the homeowner’s tastes in most cases.

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